Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1531


1531 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and thirty-one years.


O Siaghail, physician-ollav of Inishowen, died.


Belleek Castle was captured by Aed Buide O Domnaill, and the country was much disturbed thereby.


Donnchad son of Toirrdelbach son of Tadc O Briain, Tanist of Thomond, a good captain and one who practised hospitality and magnificence, died this year.


Mag Carrthaig Riabach, Domnall son of Fingin son of Diarmait, lord of Ui Cairbre, a man of universal hospitality to scholars and the men of every art, and who gave a general invitation to the men of Ireland died this year.


O Dochartaig's son, Niall son of Conchobar Carrach, died.


Diarmait son of Sean son of Aed son of Maelruanaid, the most generous and the noblest of the posterity of Maelruanaid Mac Donnchada, died.


There was a great war in Tir Conaill this year, between O Domnaill and his son Magnus. O Domnaill brought together a large army and entered the estate of Magnus and devastated the land; and the son of Donnchad Caech Mag Uidir, a noble gentleman of Fermanagh, was killed on this expedition; in a skirmish in the middle of Sgarbh Bechoige. After this, Magnus came into Tirhugh and devastated a great part of the land.


Mac Uigilin, that is Cormac, a good captain and a man of universal hospitality, died suddenly this year.


The English Justiciar, William Skeffington, made an expedition into Tir Eogain. O Domnaill went to join him and Kinnard Castle was destroyed and the land devastated [by them.] Brian son of Lochlainn Mac Suibne, Constable of the Earl of Ormond's gallowglasses, was killed in a fight on this campaign.



Illann Buide son of Maelsechlainn son of Illann Mac an Legha, an eminent physician, died this year.


Sile Oc daughter of Cairbre O Birn, who for one of her years and means was the most beautiful, humane and virtuous daughter of a chieftain that had sprung from the Sil Murray in her time, died and was buried at Roscommon in the tomb of her ancestors.


Tuathal, the son of O Domnallain of Machaire Maenmuighe, died.


Gilla Patraic son of Adam Mac an Baird died.