Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1530


1530 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and thirty years.


Caitilin daughter of Murchad Mac Suibne, wife of O Dochartaig, died.


Rois daughter of O Cathain, wife of O Dochartaig, died.


O Domnaill led an army into Connacht in the middle month of summer, passing through Coillte Conchobair from end to end, thence through the Tanist's Domain of Moylurg and across the Shannon to Carrickdrumrusk and ravaging and burning Muinter Eolais. Some of his followers were captured around Leitrim Castle, such as Magnus son of Fer Dorcha Mac Suibne and Toirrdelbach Dub the son of Mac Coilin. Afterwards he recrossed the Shannon westwards into Machaire Connacht and [crossing this, he came] to the, bridge of Ballymoe over the Suck. He burned and plundered Clann Connmaig and raided Mac Davy's town[s], Glinsk and Kilcrone, and brought away much booty from their lands, ruined and burned Ballintober and imposed a defence-tax on O Conchobair Ruad, to wit, six pence for every quarter of his land, and passed through the Belach Buide on his way back without suffering any loss.


O Domnaill burned Mac Consnama's wooden house on Loch Allen, the best in Ireland, and ravaged Brefne west of the Mountain.


Sorcha daughter of Aed the Younger son of Aed the Hospitable son of Niall son of Conn, wife of O Neill, that is Conn son of Conn son of Enri, died.


Cathal son of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata, the captain who of all his contemporaries most harassed and harried his enemies


and foes and was the best patron of poets and exiles and poor people and the men of every art, died.


Mac Artain, chieftain of Kinelarty, died.


Mac Domnaill, Colla son of Colla, Constable of Tir Eogain, died.


Cumsgrach son of Maelruanaid son of Conchobar Mag Ragnaill, died.


A great prey was taken by Aed Buide O Domnaill in Gailenga.


O Domnaill made a hosting in the middle month of autumn against Macwilliam Burke. He devastated part of the country, after which they made peace, and O Domnaill returned unscathed except for the killing of a good horseman of his army, namely Aed son of Conchobar Riabach O Duibidir.


Rugraide O Dochartaig died; a great loss to his country.


Macwilliam of Clanrickard, Richard son of Ulick son of Ulick son of Ulick of the Wine, head-letter of the Galls and Gaels of Connacht, the most bountiful and noble and the best governor and ruler who had arisen among the posterity of William the Conqueror for a long time, died after a very short illness in the last month of spring.


The Friars Minor held a Chapter in Donegal this year and O Domnaill provided for it entirely, from first to last, with great expense and magnificent honorific bounty.


The Bishop of Elphin died, that is the Greek Bishop; and this death was not the downfall of charity.


The Coarb of Colum Cille at Glencolumkill, Donnchad Mag Niallusa, died.


The Earl of Kildare, Gerald son of Gerald, who had been long held in custody by the King of England, came to Ireland and an English Justiciar came with him, and they did much damage to the Gaels. They took O Raigillig prisoner when he came to a meeting with them.


Una daughter of Mac an Baird died.


The daughter of Toirrdelbach O Baigill died this year.



Sile daughter of O Fallamain, wife of Cairbre O Birn, a charitable humane pious woman who never refused poet or exile, died this year.