Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1529


1529 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty-nine years.


Conn Oc O Baigill, tanist of his own country, was killed by the sons of O Baigill this year.


The Earl of Desmond, James, who had the best reputation of all the sons of the Galls in Ireland for bounty and nobility, who was a mainstay of war against Galls and Gaels and the best patron of poets and exiles, died at the prime of his age and wealth, of a sickness which came suddenly and lasted for three nights, at St. John's festival.


Feidlim son of Conchobar O Baigill was killed by O Baigill's sons.


The son of Mac Dubgaill of Scotland was killed by Aed Buide O Domnaill in the doorway of Castleforward, with one sword-stroke. Shortly after this Castleforward was taken and demolished by Magnus O Domnaill.


O hUiginn, Domnall Cam, an excellent poet and scholar, died.


O hUiginn's son, Aed son of Glaisne, an excellent poet, died.


Brian Ballach son of Niall son of Conn was killed by Cormac Mac Uigilin, though he was on friendly terms with Brian on leaving Carrickfergus.



Cosnamaid son of Fergal son of Donnchad Dub Mac Aedacain, a man preminent in Brehon Law and in Poetry, died and was buried at Elphin.


Domnall son of Eoin Mac Birrthagra, destined ollav of the North in legal terminology, died. So did Semus son of Ruaidri Mac Birrthagra.


Mac Cailin, Cailin son of Gilla Espuic, the favourite in all Argyle for his valour and bounty, died.


Mac Aedacain of Ormond, Domnall son of Aed son of Domnall, head of the learning and wisdom of Leth Mogha, died.


Mac Feorais of Dunmore, Mailir, died.