Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1528


1528 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty-eight years.


O Briain's daughter, Finnguala daughter of Conchobar, the woman who won most fame of all her contemporaries for [the beauties of] her body and soul, died, having spent her youthful years in charity and twenty-one years in the robe of the Third Order, practising piety and charity and good works towards God and the world.


O Briain, Toirrdelbach son of Tadc, who of all the Gaels sons of Leth Mogha had lived longest in magnificent hospitality, the true heir of Brian Boromha mac Cinneidig in sustaining war against the Galls, died after Unction and Penance and his son, Conchobar mac Toirrdelbaig, was made king in his stead.



Mac Diarmata of Moylurg, Cormac son of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata, a general patron exulting in hospitality and generosity and true humanity towards the men of every art—and this Cormac was the steel rod of the Connachta and the guardian of his land and friends against his foes—died at the end of his days, after Unction and Penance, and his brother Diarmait succeeded him.


Conn son of Niall son of Art O Neill, a captain of the Cenel Eogain, was killed by the son of Art [Oc] O Neill; and two [other] sons of [the late] O Neill, that is sons of Art Oc, namely Enri and Cormac, whom O Neill had held in captivity for a long time before this, were delivered to the sons of Conn O Neill, who hanged these two princes.


Collooney Castle was taken from Mac Donnchada by his own brother, Muirchertach son of Donnchad son of Murchad, and shortly afterwards he was taken prisoner, with his son Murchad, by O Dubda and [the above-mentioned] Muirchertach Mac Donnchada, and this time another son of his, Donnchad, was killed.


O Domnaill invaded Moylurg with an army in which were many Scots, including Alusdrann son of Eoin Cathanach [Mac Domnaill.] They broke through the Belach Buide and exacted hostages and tribute from the country, returning safely afterwards.


O Ruairc, Eogan son of Tigernan, chief ornament of the men of Conmaicne, famous heir of the old Fergal, a pillar of the bounty and magnificence of Western Europe, a wise openhanded very wealthy prince, a man who tamed his neighbours and maintained all stout warfare against border foes, prop of the nobility and endurance of the posterity of Aed Finn son of Fergna son of Fergus, died in the robe of St. Francis after Unction and Penance.



Mac Suibne of Fanad, Domnall Oc, died, after having assumed the robe of the Order of Our Lady, on the winter festival of Mary.


A great wind blew on the Friday before Christmas this year. It felled many trees and tumbled many wooden and stone buildings all over Ireland, and especially it demolished the convent-house at Donegal; and it swept away and wrecked many vessels on land and at sea.


Muiris son of Donnchad O Begleighinn, an eminent physician, died, with Unction and Penance.


Magnus son of Domnall Mac Aedacain died.


O Mailmiadaig, Cathal son of Domnall son of Uaithne Buide, chieftain of the Tellach Cerballain, died.