Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1527


1527 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty-seven years.


Mac Donnchada of Tirerrill, Cormac son of Tadc son of Brian, died and there was great war among the Clann Donnchada after his death for the lordship of the land, till Eogan son of Donnchad son of Murchad was proclaimed Mac Donnchada.


Brian son of Feidlim son of Magnus O Conchobair died this year.


Domnall son of Feidlim son of Toirrdelbach Carrach O Conchobair died.


O Clerig, Gilla Riabach son of Tadc Cam, an eminent man of art and a rich man, died in the robe of St. Francis in the month of spring.


Domnall, the son of Bishop O Gallchubair, was killed by some of the posterity of Aengus O Gallchubair.


Doctor O Duinnslebi, the son of Eogan, a notable healer and eminent in most other arts, a very wealthy man and keeper of a guest-house, died on the third day before the feast of St. Francis.


Mag Uidir, died this year, that is Conchobar, and the Coarb Mag Uidir was proclaimed lord in his stead.


Toirrdelbach son of Eicnechan O Domnaill died.


Feidlim son of Gofraid son of Sean O Domnaill of Lurg died.



O Domnaill led an army into Moylurg and destroyed the corn and buildings of the country. He took Castlemore and Bannady and captured and destroyed Callow Castle, Cavetown and Castlereagh; and a good horseman of the army was killed in the middle of Ballaghboy, namely Aed Buide son of Dubaltach O Gallchobair.


Lifford Castle was built by Magnus O Domnaill: he began it on the Wednesday after St. Brendan's day and finished it when part of the summer was over, both its woodwork and its masonry, though O Neill was making war on him.


Magnus O Domnaill went on a plundering expedition into Glenn Eli against Aed Buide O Domnaill. He carried off a prey, but two young horsemen of his followers were killed, the son of Domnall son of Feidlim son of Aengus Oc O Gallchobair and the son of Brian Mac an Decanaig.


Mac Magnusa Meg Uidir, that is Tomas, died; a good cleric and scholar.


Ruaidri son of Murchad Mac Suibne was killed by his own kinsmen this year.


Uilliam son of Aindrias Mac Raith, a man of great wealth and a good yeoman, and his wife died within one day-and-night.


Caitilin daughter of Conn son of Domnall O Neill, a charitable and humane woman and married to noble husbands, first to O Raigillig and then to O Ruairc, died after Unction and Penance.


The Earl of Kildare and the son of the Earl of Ormond went to England, on account of their jealousy and mutual accusation, and the Justiciar left the Baron of Delvin as his deputy in Ireland.


Domnall son of Fergal O Birn and his wife, namely Lasairfhina daughter of Sean son of the Prior, died. Tadc son of Cairbre O Birn seized on the succession over the heads of the senior branch of the posterity of Cormac O Birn and his brother Maelsechlainn seized the tanistship.


Mor daughter of Maelsechlainn Mac Caba, wife of O hAinlige, the best woman who ever lived in Cenel Dobtha, foster-mother to the poets and exiles of Ireland, a re-incarnation


of Mor Muman for good repute and piety and virtue, the greatest bestower of alms and charitable gifts of food and clothing to God's poor and needy and to all who stood in need thereof, died in her own residence at Port Locha Leise and was buried in the monastery of Elphin under the protection of God and St. Francis.


The Young Prior O Fergail, that is Tomas son of Emann son of Rosa, lord of Calad na hAngaile one of the five best members (?) of the Clanna Rudraige, was with his three sons treacherously killed by the sons of Emann O Cellaig and the posterity of Gilla na Naem O Fergail.


The sons of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata, the sons of Tadc Mac Diarmata, Mac Dubgaill, the descendants of O Conchobair Ruad and of Feidlim Finn [O Conchobair] and of Tadc Mac Branain besieged Castlereagh for five or six weeks, and a wonderful ‘sow’, of oaken beams and moving on four wheels, was built for the purpose. Diarmait son of Tadc Ruad son of Cairbre and a good horseman of the Clann Mailruanaid were killed about the town and the ‘sow’ was at last broken by Tuathal Ruad son of Conn and the garrison. They defended the castle with great fortitude until the wrecker of every plan, the feller of every fastness, the attack that cannot be withstood, namely Hunger, arrived and forced them to surrender it. Their lives were spared to them.