Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1526


1526 First of January on Monday; the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty-six years.



Tadg son of Eogan son of Tigernan O Ruairc, destined and well qualified to be king and high-lord, was treacherously killed by the sons of Tigernan.


O Neill, that is Conn, and Magnus O Domnaill went to meet the Justiciar to make peace between Tir Conaill and Tir Eogain; and after many nobles of the Galls and Gaels had met together to appease them it was found to be impossible at that time, and they returned home unreconciled.


O Raigillig, that is Eogan, died and a great war broke out among his kinsmen for the lordship of the land, till by the arbitration of the Justiciar and many of the great Galls and Gaels Fergal son of Sean son of Cathal was proclaimed O Raigillig, though there were men older than him claiming the succession.


A great war broke out in Lower Connacht this year. Most of the chieftains, including Brian son of Feidlim O Conchobair, the son of Cathal Oc O Conchobair and the posterity of Cormac Mac Donnchada united to oppose O Domnaill and plundered North Carbury. And O Domnaill demolished Grange Castle and went afterwards into Moylurg, ravaging and burning the country. These O'Connors and Mac Donoughs who were taking part in the war assembled and came to Sligo and made a brave attempt on the castle, till one of their notable men, Ruaidri Ballach, O hAirt's son, was killed. They departed on that day, but assembled again after a short while and came [back] to Sligo to ravage the crops and attack the town. And O Domnaill got news of their doings, marched against them and came upon them and put them to rout, capturing a good number of their men besides a great booty of horses and arms and armour.


O Neill, namely Conn, came to hinder the building of a castle which Magnus O Domnaill had begun at Portnatrynod. Magnus met the van of the army and took prisoner Enri son of Sean O Neill, and O Neill retired in defeat.


O Cathain, that is Gofraid son of Gofraid, was killed in the middle of Ballaghcommon by O Neill's son, namely Niall Oc, in the first summer month; and soon afterwards Niall himself was taken prisoner by O Neill and remained for a long time in captivity.



Sean son of Aed Mac Diarmata, a gallant fighter, was killed by the descendants of O Conchobair Ruad, having been taken at a disadvantage on Mullach Croiche.


The Earl of Kildare led a great expedition into Machaire Connacht, at the bidding of O Conchobair Ruad. He captured Ballintober and Castlereagh and handed them over to O Conchobair.


Great raids were made by the descendants of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata on O Conchobair Ruad at Corr(?) an Droichit. They lost five or six of their men.


Great raids were made by O Conchobair in retaliation for this on the descendants of Tadc Mac Branain. Ruaidri son of Conn Mac Branain was killed by the sons of Echmarcah son of Conchobar Buide [Mac Branain] and Toirrdelbach Ruad son of Tadc Buide [O Conchobair Ruad] in the church of Tulach, the church being burned over his head. Aed son of Tadc, who was Mac Branain [at this time], was driven out of his land.


O Ruairc, that is Brian son of Eogan son of Tigernan, made a great hosting into Muinter Eolais, obtaining power over every region of the land and at last forcing them against their will to yield him pledges and hostages.


Mag Amalgaid was killed by O Mailsechlainn, in spite of the Earl's protection.


O Cathain's son, Gofraid son of Donnchad, prospective lord of his country, made a plundering expedition into Glenconkeine, in the month of January to wit; and he was lost there and no word was heard of him until his body was discovered in the last week of the following Lent. Enri son of Niall son of Brian, lord of Braid, was killed there and many others of their people were killed or perished as well.


Defeat was given by the son of Mac Piarais [Butler] to the sons of Edmund son of Thomas Butler; and in this battle was killed Conchobair Oc son of Conchobar Caech O Domnaill, who had many a time been a constable of gallowglasses and a brave ally, and more especially on that day; for his noble courage and prowess of hand forbade him to accept quarter when it was offered to him. In that rout there fell also many leaders of cavalry and of gallowglasses.



O Dochurtaig, that is Echmarcach, lord of Inishowen, died at the end of his days this year and a great war broke out among his kinsmen for the lordship of the land. Geralt son of Domnall son of Feidlim O Dochurtaig was [ultimately] proclaimed lord.


O Domnaill led an expedition into Tirawley in aid of the posterity of Richard Burke. He captured and demolished Castlehill and Crosmolina, took hostages and much booty out of them and, [on his departure,] left peace between the posterity of Richard Burke and the Barretts. On his way home he beleaguered Collooney Castle and forced the descendants of Cormac Mac Donnchada to give him hostages and accept his terms of peace, et reliqua.