Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1525


1525 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty-five years.


O Domnaill, Aed son of Aed Ruad, and O Neill, Conn son of Conn, attended the great council at the beginning of this year, to meet the Justiciar in the presence of most of the nobles of the Galls and Gaels, and after much investigation and much arguments by each of them and by their friends, both Gall


and Gael, the attempt to make peace between them failed and they returned to their homes, being still at liberty to make war on one another. O Domnaill twice invaded Tir Eogain this year and burnt and ravaged much of the country without provoking a battle. At the beginning of autumn they made peace, leaving the terms to be settled by the Justiciar and Magnus O Domnaill.


A horrible deed was perpetrated in Ireland this year the Bishop of Leighlin was treacherously killed by the son of the Abbot Mac Murchada while in his company on terms of love and peace. As many as the Earl of Kildare caught of those who had a hand in it were taken by him to the spot where this disastrous and evil plot was consummated, and here he caused them to be flayed alive first, and afterwards their bowels and entrails to be taken out and burned together in his presence.


O Cathain, that is Sean son of Tomas, was killed by some of his own kin, namely the sons of Ruaidri O Cathain of the Route and the son of Gofraid O Cathain, on the eve of Lammas precisely.


The Bishop of Killaloe, Toirrdelbach son of Mathgamain O Briain, the Gael who got and spent most worldly wealth of all who were living in his time, died. This bishop was a man full of bounty and humanity; a man who upheld his rights at home and abroad, without incurring ill-will or in spite of it; a man who often collected a great army for the destruction of his enemies, so that there was no son of a Gael anywhere near him, either on his own estate or on another's, who did not take his pay and enter his service. And moreover [the death of] this bishop was the grief above griefs and the loss above all losses suffered by those practising art in his time.


The Dean, son of Brian Ruad Mac Conmide, who kept a guest-house open to all, and his son Cerball died this year.


O Duibgennain's daughter, Caiterfina, died after Unction and Penance on the feast of St. Columba and was honourably buried in the monastery of Donegal.