Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1524


1524 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty-four years.


Much storm and destruction of cattle at the beginning of this year.


Two sons of O Domnaill, Niall Garb and Eogan, entered into a league to make war on O Domnaill, and so for some time they were troubling the country until it was put into their heads to turn against each other. Then Eogan captured the residence of Niall Garb, the crannog of Loch Bethad, which was under his protection. Niall left the country and made a long march against the place, remaining in concealment in its neighbourhood. Eogan came to know this and marched against Niall. They attacked each other and Eogan was killed in the fray, while Niall was hurt and died shortly afterwards of his wounds. And it is unlikely that there lived any of their years


among the Cenel Conaill who were more deplored than these two. It was in the first month of summer that these slayings happened.


Semas son of Brian Uaine O Gallchobair, intended coarb of Carrick, died this year.


Diarmait son of Gilla Dub O Briain, the best man of his time and for [the size of] his lordship as patron of poets and exiles, who kept the largest family and household, who had the most enduring renown and reputation, who settled complaints and suits between friends and foes, who was most [confidently] expected to live to enjoy the affluence of his patrimony, whose humanity and hospitality made him the associate and fellow of men of skill, died with Unction and Penance at Ballymacooda. The blessing of God and of the poets attend his soul to Heaven!


O Domnaill led an army into Tir Eogain, burnt and ravaged most of the country and returned safely.


The Justiciar, Gerald Earl of Kildare, and O Neill, Conn son of Conn, led an army into Tir Conaill in the month of September; and O Domnaill led an army to lie in wait for those hosts and defend his territory against them. Many Scots gathered to him at that time, such as the sons of Eoin Cathanach, Mac Domnaill Galloclaech and other great men from Scotland.


Now the Justiciar and O Neill lay in a fortified camp at Portnatrynod, and O Domnaill and his army pitched camp at Drumleen, and there was the promise of battle next day between them. That night Magnus O Domnaill with a party of Scots went shooting arrows at the army of the Galls and they killed O Broin's son, Calbach son of Bran son of Tadc, a great loss to his own country. But next day these nobles appointed a meeting for making peace, and the Justiciar made peace between O Domnaill and O Neill, himself standing surety for both sides; and on the same day peace and gossipry were established between the Justiciar and O Domnaill.


When the Justiciar and O Neill returned they found Aedh son of Niall son of Conn son of Brian Ballach with a large army, ravaging Tir Eogain. And when he heard that these hosts were coming towards him he sent his own army ahead with some of the preys and booty of the country, himself remaining a long way behind them with a few men, so that the full force of the other army came up with him and, finding him unprotected, fell upon him and killed him on that field. And there has not appeared in latter times any man of the Cenel Eogain who was


his equal in nobility, bountifulness and magnificence, in beauty, in royal lordly virtues, in upholding the glory of his family, nor one who better protected and cherished his kingdom and high lordship till the hour when death found a way to him. For he was the most excellent in maintaining and guarding his race, the true well of generosity, chief resort of the order of poets, the shining bright star of the posterity of Conn Cetchathach; and we think it not too much to say that he did not leave behind him in Ireland any of the nobles of the Gaels or of the Galls who [when he died] was a greater deprivation and loss to the men of every art on earth than he, Aed son of Niall, et reliqua.


Mac Uigilin, Cormac son of Sean Dub son of Domnall, was wounded and captured, after this killing [of Aedh O Neill Buide], by O Neill's men.


O Domnaill's daughter, Gormlaith daughter of Aed Ruad, wife of Aed son of Niall son of Conn, a charitable humane generous woman to whom God gave a fair good name in this world, and surely the true Kingdom at last, died in the month of March. And as this couple afforded a kindly and honourable companionship to one another in the world to the time of their death, so may their souls give to one another a cherishing and a companionship of glory in the presence of the Lord.


A great war among the Ui Chathain this year, wherein were killed Cu Maige son of Brian Finn O Cathain and the son of Ruaidri of the Route, that is Fer Dorcha. In this war too Gofraid O Cathain killed Aed Carrach the son of O Dochurtaig, who had gone to the help of Sean son of Tomas O Cathain, and a great number of his followers.


Cu Maige Ballach son of Domnaill O Cathain, who was, considering [the fewness of] his followers, the best gentleman of his race, was killed this year by some men from the Route.


Mac Donnchada of Tirerrill, Ruaidri son of Tomaltach son of Brian, died and a great war broke out among the Clann Donnchada for the lordship of the land, [after which] Cormac son of Tadc son of Brian was proclaimed Mac Donnchada.


O Conchobair of Kerry, Conmac son of Conchobar, went on a raid into Duhallow and Cormac son of Cormac Oc son of Cormac son of Tadc [Mag Carthaig] caught him up and defeated him. Here he was himself wounded and captured; Conchobar


son of Diarmait son of Gilla Dub O Briain was killed; and Diarmait son of Cormac O Maille was killed here too; another great loss.


Mag Carrthaig Riabach, Domnall son of Fingin son of Diarmait, went on a plundering expedition into Glenflesk and was overtaken while leaving the Glen in disorder. He was himself taken prisoner and some of his men were captured from him.


Cathal Oc the son of Mag Ragnaill, a mighty renowned chieftain, lord of Muinter Eolais and the Cu Chulainn of Conmaicne for his warlike qualities, one to whom clerics and laymen gave their affection and great love, and most assuredly the men of every art, on account of his large and frequent gifts and presentations to one and all, was treacherously killed at Belach Corrdoire in Muinter Cerballain by the sons of O Mailmiadaig, without cause or ground except that a false accusation had been brought against him concerning the wife of O Mailmiadaig.


Mac Suibne of Banagh, Niall son of Eogan, the constable who of all his line was the strongest of hand, stoutest of heart and most steadfast in counsel, who kept the most hospitable guest-house, who maintained the largest family and had conquered in the greatest number of dangerous straits, died after Unction and Penance in his own castle at Rahin.


O Briain's daughter, Mor daughter of Toirrdelbach son of Tadc O Briain, wife of Donnchad son of Mathgamain O Briain, died this year.


Aibhilin daughter of the Knight of Glin, wife of O Conchobar of Kerry, a good charitable humane woman, died this year.


Toirrdelbach son of Feidlim Buide son of Cairbre O Conchobair was killed treacherously by Toirrdelbach Ruad son of Tadc Buide son of Cathal Ruad.