Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1521


1521 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty-one years.


A great defeat was suffered in Tir Maine by O Conchobair


Ruad, that is Tadc Buide son of Cathal Ruad, and O Cellaig, that is Maelsechlainn son of Uilliam, and Mac Dubgaill, that is Donnchad son of Toirrdelbach, their Constable. This is how it happened: they went on an incursion against the descendants of Donnchad O Cellaig and seized preys; the descendants of Donnchad assembled their forces and overtook them and then defeated them in Ifernnach. O Conchobair was taken prisoner here; O Cellaig and his son Tadc were killed here; Mac Dubgaill was killed here and his son Alusdrann was taken prisoner; and it is not easy to count the number killed and captured here. Their horses, accoutrements and armour were taken from them, with no possibility of re-capture.


Mag Aengusa, Feidlim the Bountiful son of Aed son of Art, head of the clemency of the Children of Conall Cernach, died. His brother Emann Buide was made king in his stead.


Rugraide son of Eicnechan O Domnaill, being at Dundalk with O Neill, Conn son of Conn, was there killed by the Galls.


Mag Mathgamna died, that is Remann son of Glaisne.


O Cathain died, that is Tomas son of Aibne.