Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1516


1516 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and sixteen years.


A great war broke out between O Domnaill and O Neill and they made a great enlistment of men. Magnus O Domnaill carried out great raids against Enri Balb O Neill and burnt nearly all of the country from the Mountains inwards.


Brian O Neill made a great raid on Cenel Moain.



O Domnaill invaded Tir nEogain, burned Cenel Feradaig and the parts by the Oona and returned safely afterwards.


Sligo Castle was taken by O Domnaill after he had been a long time warring against it. And this is how it was taken. A French knight came on pilgrimage to St. Patrick's Purgatory and O Domnaill treated him with great honour and gave him presents, and this knight sent O Domnaill a ship full of ordnance, including a siege-gun. O Domnaill sat down about Sligo Castle and breached it before he got possession of it; and he granted quarter to the garrison. It remained in his possession till Tadc Oc son of Tadc son of Aed took it from him.


From thence [O Domnaill] went into Tirerrill and took Collooney Castle and Loch Dargan Castle and Dun na Mona on that day. He left a garrison in some of these and took away hostages from the rest and returned safely home, after a triumphant victory.


Mac Donnchada of Ballymote and his son were killed, as they were coming against O Domnaill's army, by Donnchad son of Toirrdelbach O Baigill.


O Cerbaill's castle, that is Leim Ui Bhanain, was taken by the Earl of Kildare, Gerald son of Gerald, his father having failed to do so; and hardly was there a castle in this age more stubbornly defended and held than this, till it was battered about the heads of its garrison.


A great victory was won by Edmund son of Thomas Butler over Piers Butler and Mac Piarais. A number of their own men and of their hired retainers was taken from them.


O Dochartaig, that is Conchobar Carrach, died.


Mac Suibne's castle, that is Rathmullen, fell this year.


O Domnaill invaded Tir Eogain twice this year. He was not given battle there and did no notable damage to the country beyond marching through it and laying most of it waste.


Mag Carrthaig Mor, that is Cormac Ladhrach son of Tadc, lord of Desmond, the lord who best acquired power and who most


suffered war until he possessed his lordship without opposition, the best patron of poets and exiles, the best ruler and governor of all the kings of Leth Mogha, died.


Toirrdelbach son of Brian Uaine O Gallchobair, coarb of Carrick, died.


The son of Brian Caech son of Tadc son of Eogan was treacherously killed by the son of Tadc of the Axe son of Feidlim son of Eogan and by the posterity of the Cerrbach (Gambler).


The wife of O Trebair, that is Caiterfina daughter of O Cridagain, a charitable and humane woman, died.


The Bishop of Annaly died, namely Uilliam son of Donnchad O Fergal.