Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1515


1515 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and fifteen years.


Great raids by O Dornnaill on Clann Diarmata Ruaid at the border of Coillte Conchobair.


O Neill made an expedition into Clannaboy. He burnt and plundered a large part of the country, and the son of Niall mac Cuinn came to a meeting with him and accepted a stipend from him. O Neill then returned home.


O Domnaill took great preys from the posterity of Brian Mag Uidir and ate them in the [plundered] country itself and afterwards made peace with the inhabitants.


The castle of Aine was taken by James son of the Earl [of Desmond] from John son of the Earl [of Desmond.] James then besieged Loch Gur Castle, which he reduced to great straits before the Sil mBriain, the Sil Aeda and the Sil gCerbaill drove him away from it.


Aed son of Niall son of Conn son of Aed Buide [O Neill Buide] made an incursion into Killultagh and seized preys there. Niall son of Brian son of Niall Gallda followed him with a pursuing-party, but he was killed and the whole country and the Wood were plundered, and the lordship of Trian Congail was left entire in the possession of Aed son of Niall as the result of this expedition.


Menma Mac Carmaic, Bishop of Raphoe, rested in Christ.


Domnall son of Aed Ruad O Domnaill was killed by Aed Buide O Domnaill.