Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1514


1514 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and fourteen years.


Cathal Oc son of Domnall son of Eogan O Conchobair was killed in base treachery by the son of his own father, Eogan son of Domnall; and Cathal was the youth of his years who gave and received most, of all the posterity of Brian of Leyney son of Toirrdelbach Mor. And this is not the only palm that we, or others of our craft, would give him; but [we would add] that there had not appeared, out of many nations, his equal for nobility and knowledge and bounty. And by his death is Art become an outcast orphan, with none such as Cathal to support and foster her. Eogan son of Domnall son of Eogan son of Domnall was hanged by O Domnaill within three days of that [murder.]


Macwilliam Burke, Edmond son of Richard, was killed by the sons of Walter Burke, through treachery, in the monastery of Rathbran.


Caislen na Cuilentraige was demolished, and Coill Mor cut down and plundered, by the Earl of Kildare, Gerald son of Gerald, [in fighting] against Laigis Ui Morda.


The son of Toirrdelbach Oc Mac Domnaill, Constable of the Earl's gallowglasses, was killed by the people of Laigis.


The castle of Coleraine was demolished by O Domnaill.


Omagh Castle was demolished by O Neill.


O Neill defeated the sons of Domnall O Neill and the posterity of Art O Neill and made a great capture of horses and armour and men from them.


Gerald Earl of Kildare led an army against O Raigillig, broke down Cavan Castle, defeated and killed O Raigillig, that is Aed son of Cathal, and killed many great men of his country, including Mac Caba.



James son of the Earl of Desmond and O Cerbaill made an expedition against Piers Butler. He burnt the whole of Middle Third. Butler and Piers Butler with his full force and the sons of Thomas son of the Earl of Kildare with the Earl's gallowglasses and cavalry caught up with them, but they managed to get away in spite of them all.


O Domnaill made great raids in Gailenga, burning and plundering the country as far as Croaghan. He killed O Ruadain and many others.


O Neill defeated Aed son of Domnall O Neill and Conn son of Niall son of Art O Neill, killing and wounding many of their men and stripping them of their horses and armour, so that the lordship of Cenel Eogain remained in his hands without opposition.


Great war broke out between O Domnaill and O Neill. Both sides hired many men and they were a long time encamped opposite each other at the bridge of Ardstraw. In the end they established gossipry with each other and O Neill granted to O Domnaill new charters, with confirmation of the old charters, [recognising O Domnaill's lordship] over the Cenel Moain, Inishowen and Fermanagh, and O Domnaill gave up O Neill's son, whom he had held in captivity a long time previously, to O Neill.


The sons of Geroid Mac Uigilin were treacherously killed by the sons of Ualter Mac Uigilin. The country was burned and plundered by the son of Niall son of Conn son of Aed Buide on account of this murder.


Gerald Earl of Kildare led an expedition into Munster, burning Connello [in making war] on the sons of the Earl of Desmond. The Earl's son collected all his forces and O Briain came, with the nobles of his territory, to his help. The Earl successfully escaped before these armies were fully met together.


O Domnaill hauled a fleet of long ships and boats to Loch Erne and made his residence for a long time at Enniskillen. He plundered and burnt the island of Cul na nOirer and afterwards made peace with the inhabitants. After this he returned safely home.