Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1513


1513 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and thirteen years.


Mairgrec daughter of Conchobar O Briain and wife of O Ruairc, radiant paragon of the Gaels, to whom God gave prosperity and royal state and great wealth; hearth of hospitality and maintenance, humanity and charitable entertainment for scholars and ollavs, the weak and the wretched and all, whether mighty or outcast, who stood in need thereof; one who never as long as she lived denied any man craving a boon; died after Unction and Penance and was buried in the monastery which she had herself built to the honour of God and St. Francis, namely the monastery of Creevlea.


Donnchad son of Conchobar O Briain, an exultant plunderer, a very courageous captain and the most bountiful, noble and honourable of all the Dal gCais living in his time, was killed in a night-attack by the sons of Toirrdelbach son of Murchad O Briain.



O Domnaill, that is Aed, went to visit the King of Scotland this year.


Rosa son of Magnus Mac Mathgamna, lord of Oriel, died.


Tadc son of Maelsechlainn O Cellaig, lord of Ui Maine, died.


Master Muiris O Fithchellaig, Doctor of Divinity and, as Archbishop of Tuaim, the most famous cleric in the east or in these parts, died this year.


Gerald Earl of Kildare, Justiciar of Ireland, best and foremost of all the Galls that had ever arisen for power, renown and dignity, who conquered most territory from the Gaels and demolished the greatest number of their castles, whose rule and law and royal sway were the best and who, more than any other, bestowed his own chattels on the men of Ireland, died, with Unction and Penance, at Kildare and was buried at Christchurch in Dublin, being mourned by nearly all the Galls and Gaels of Ireland.


O Neill, that is Art son of Aed, led an army into Trian Congail, burnt Mag Line and plundered the Glens. The son of Niall mac Cuinn [O Neill Buide] and Mac Uigilin caught up with a part of the army and at that time Aed, the son of O Neill, was killed. The rest of the [invading] army and the pursuing party met next day and Mac Uigilin, Risderd son of Rugraide, was killed and a great many Scots with him. O Neill returned home afterwards.


An expedition by the King of Scotland with the nobles of Scotland, having twenty thousand supporters, into the territory of the English. He burnt and plundered the country on every hand. Lord Seomurlin and his son and the clergy of England assembled an army to meet them. Battle was joined between them and the Scots were defeated; the King of Scotland, Mac Ailin, the Archbishop of St. Andrews and many other lords of Scotland fell there and a countless number were killed on both sides.


Art son of Aed O Neill, uncontested lord of Tir Eogain, died with Unction and Penance at Dungannon. Art son of Conn O Neill was made king in his stead.


Art son of Niall son of Art O Neill died.


Dunluce Castle was captured by O Domnaill from the sons of Geroid Mac Uigilin and given to the sons of Ualter Mac Uigilin.


O Domnaill encamped about Sligo from St. Bridget's Day to Whitsuntide, but in the end he did not overcome the town at that attempt.



Eogan O Maille with the crews of three ships was killed in Banagh this year.


Eogan Ruad Mac Suibne was killed by the sons of his own brother and by Donnchad son of Toirrdelbach O Baigill.


Niall son of Conn son of Aed Buide [died] on Easter Day precisely.