Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1512


1512 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and twelve years.



O Domnaill came from Rome, having completed his pilgrimage and having been highly honoured by the King of England on his visit.


O Cleirigh, Tuathal son of Tadhg Cam, an eminent historian and maintainer of an open guest-house, died after Unction and Penance.


Niall son of Conn son of Aed Buide son of Brian Ballach lord of Trian Congail, a man of universal bounty to the men of Ireland, promoter of religious orders and churches and every good thing, and wealth of the East of Ireland, died this year.


Gerald Earl of Kildare, Justiciar of Ireland, led an army against Trian Congail. He took Belfast Castle, demolished Mac Eoin's castle plundered the Glens and a great deal of the country and carried off the son of Niall son of Conn into captivity.


A great war between O Domnaill, that is Aed, and O Neill, that is Art son of Aed; and another war between O Domnaill and Macwilliam Burke, Edmund son of Richard; and O Domnaill took into his pay fifteen hundred axes in Tir Conaill, Lower Connacht and Fermanagh. O Domnaill moved out from Derry with a small force, took Ballinclare Castle on the border of Gailenga and left a garrison in it and retired to Tireragh. Macwilliam Burke assembled his men and laid siege to the town. On hearing of this O Domnaill moved out against it again, whereupon Macwilliam abandoned it and went to provision and garrison Inisherone Castle in Tireragh. On hearing of this O Domnaill crossed the Ox Mountains in pursuit of him. Macwilliam, perceiving this, left his sons with a garrison in Inisherone Castle and himself proceeded to Ardarea. O Domnaill caught sight of him and loosed his son at him, and Macwilliam escaped by swimming the Moy. The rest of his followers were pursued across the Moy and despoiled of a great part of their horses and armour. O Domnaill then besieged Inisherone Castle and took it at the end of four days, after which he demolished it and took Macwilliam's son, Ulick son of Edmund, and the whole garrison prisoners and came safely away.


O Domnaill, with the nobles of Lower Connacht and many mercenary troops, made a hosting into Tir Eogain, burning


the country on all sides till he reached Dungannon. After he had been a week in the country, destroying it, O Neill made a peace with him and conceded to him all the disputed claims between them, namely the rent of Cenel Moain and of Inishowen and of the whole of Fermanagh.


Gerald Earl of Kildare, Justiciar of Ireland, led an army past Athlone into Connacht. He plundered and burned Clanconway, took Roscommon and left a garrison in it, went thence into Moylurg and took Cavetown Castle and devastated great part of the country. O Domnaill came on foot with a great host through the Curlieus to have speech with the Earl and returned the same night to his own stronghold at Brickliff, a few of his followers being killed in passing through Ballaghboy. After this he besieged Sligo Castle and wasted the patrimony of the posterity of Brian O Conchobair; but he was not able to take the castle that time.


Art son of Conn son of Niall Garb O Domnaill died suddenly of an attack of sickness in the Friars House in Donegal and was afterwards buried in the monastery.