Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1511


1511 First of January, the age of the Lord,one thousand five hundred and eleven years.


O Conchobair Failgi, Cathair son of Conn son of Calbach, a joyous universal patron to the scholars and ollavs of Ireland and the leader of the bravery and valour and constant warfare of Western Europe, was killed by some of his own relatives, namely the posterity of Tadc O Conchobair and the sons of Sean Ballach O Conchobair, hard by Monasteroris.


Dubthach son of Dubthach O Duibgennain, a rich prosperous gentleman full of wisdom and liberality, died this year.


O Neill, that is Art son of Aed O Neill, led an army into Tir Conaill, burnt Glenfinn and all this side of the Swilly and exacted hostages from O Dochurtaig.


Cenel Feradaig was plundered by Magnus O Domnaill this year.


Mac Donnchada of Tirerrill, Sean son of Tadc son of Brian, lamp of the bravery and prowess of Clann Mailruanaid and universal patron to scholars and men of art, died in his own stronghold at Ballindoon, having been not quite a year in possession of his lordship; and Fergal son of Tadc son of Brian, eligible prince of Tirerrill, was killed the same year by the sons of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata.


The Bishop of the two Brefnes died this year, Tomas son of Aindriu Mac Bradaig.