Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1510


1510 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand five hundred and ten years.


Eogan Ruad Mac an Baird, ollav to O Domnaill, died.


O Raigillig died, that is [Sean] son of Cathal.


O Fialain died, that is Fergal.


Mac Lochlainn died, that is Uaithne.


Eogan son of Brian O hUiginn died.


O Domnaill, that is Aed son of Aed Ruad, being in the prime of life and at the height of his power, went to Rome this year.


Aibhilin, daughter of Niall Oc O hUiginn and wife of O Duibgennain, died.


Tadc son of Ruaidri Mac Donnchada [died] this year.


Gerald Earl of Kildare marched, with the great Galls and Gaels of Leinster, into Munster and built a castle at Carrigkittle in despite of the Gaels of Munster. O Domnaill followed him with a small force through Meath and westwards into Munster, and they made an incursion into Duhallow and took Kanturk Castle and plundered the country. After this they came into Great Desmond and took Pallis Castle and the Castle by the Maine and returned safely into Limerick County. They then mustered their forces again and the Fitz Geralds of Munster under James son of the Earl of Desmond, all the other Galls of Munster, Mag Carthaig Riabach, Cormac Oc son of Cormac son of Tadc Mag Carthaig and the Galls and Gaels of Meath and of Leinster all assembled their forces and marched to Limerick. Against them gathered, in a large host, Toirrdelbach son of Tadc O Briain, king of Thomond, Mac Con Mara, Clanrickard and the Sil Aeda. The Earl took his army through Belach na Fadbaige to Belach an Gamna and came to a very strong wooden bridge that O Briain had made over the Shannon. This he broke down and remained for a night encamped in the country, while O Briain, that same night, pitched a camp beside him. Next day the Earl drew up his army, putting the Galls and Gaels


of Munster in the van and the Meath Galls in the rear. O Domnaill and his few followers dismounted and mingled with the Galls [of the rearguard.] They took the short way through Monabraher to Limerick and this army of the Sil mBriain attacked the Galls, killing the Baron de Kent and Barnewell of Crickstown and many other great people not here enumerated. And there was no man on that side, Gall or Gael, who performed more famous deeds than O Domnaill in bringing off the rear of the Galls army.