Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1497


1497 First of January, the age of the Lord one thousand four hundred four score and seventeen years.


Eicnechan son of Nechtain O Domnaill, eligible prince of Cenel Conaill and the man who had most suffered the hardships of his native land as leader in battle, who was the noblest person and the greatest slayer of his enemies, was killed by Conn son of Aed Ruad O Domnaill in O Domnaill's own stronghold. Aed Ruad O Domnaill laid aside his lordship on account of the turbulence of his sons and Conn O Domnaill was proclaimed lord in his stead.



The battle of Ballagh Boy this year, in which Tadc son of Ruaidri Oc son of Ruaidri Caech Mac Diarmata defeated Conn O Domnaill and many of the nobles, of the Cenel Conaill were killed and captured.


And a little time afterwards O Neill, that is Enri Oc, came with a great army into Tir Conaill, ravaged the country and gave a great defeat to O Domnaill at Bel Atha Daire. Conn O Domnaill was killed there and O Domnaill's sons, Domnall and Niall Garb, were captured and Niall died in that captivity, and many of the nobles of Tir Conaill were killed and captured here. Afterwards Aed Ruad took [back] his lordship, by the will of God and men, and Aed son of Aed Ruad was released from his captivity this year.


Mac Diarmata of Moylurg, Conchobar son of Cormac son of Tomaltach, was killed by the sons of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata.


Mac Donnchada of Corann, that is Brian son of Maelruanaid son of Tomaltach, died.


Great famine throughout Ireland this year.


Eleanor daughter of [Thomas, seventh] Earl of Kildare, wife of O Neill, that is of Conn son of Enri son of Eogain, died.


Domnall Oc son of Aed Buide was killed by Sean Dub son of Domnall Caech.