Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1486


1486 First of January, the age Of the Lord one thousand four hundred four score and six, years.


Mac Diarmata of Moylurg, that is Ruaidri son of Ruaidri son of Aed, pillar of generosity and valour, chief supporter and maintainer of minstrels and gamblers, fosterer of poets and exiles and needy men, the most humane and liberal-handed man of his own time, died this year.


Mag Ragnaill, that is Tadc son of Cathal [Oc], ridge-pole and pinnacle of generosity, nobility and splendour, a powerful and renowned king-chieftain who never in his life refused a suppliant, died this year.


Maelsechlainn and Ruaidri, sons of Mac Donnchada of Tirerrill, two princes who, for their age, had the best name and renown for bounty, nobility and valour of all who lived in their


time in the territory of the Clann Donnchada, were killed by the sons of Domnall Cam the son of Mac Donachada.


Sean Buide son of Eogan son of Niall Oc O Neill died.


Domnall Oc Mac Artain the hospitable died; and Barry Mor was killed.