Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1478


1478 First of January on Thursday and the twenty-seventh day of the moon, MCCCCLXXVIII. Eleventh year of the Indiction; sixteenth of the Decemnovennial Cycle.


This was a hard, niggardly year, stormy and [...]. . . . (?). A mighty wind arose on the eve of Epiphany, and this was a night of destruction for all owing to the number of men, cattle, trees, lake and land buildings which it laid low throughout Ireland. It broke nine score glazed windows in Dublin.


Roscommon Castle to O Conchobair Donn, after having been ceded by the son of Domnall son of Eogan O Conchobair.


The Earl of Kildare died. Gerald his son succeeded him.



Richard of Buolick, son of Mac Richard Butler, was killed by the Osraigi in front of St. Cainnech's church.


Cormac son of Donnchad Mag Carthaig [Riabach] was ‘blinded’ by his own kinsmen, after having been long held in captivity. This was done on the night of the wind.


Donnchad son of Brian Ballach O Conchobair died.


Bishop O hUiginn, Bishop of Mayo, died.


Mac in Baird of Tir Conaill, that is Gofraid son of Eogan Mac in Baird, died of the plague.


Mac Rithbertaig, ollav to Mag Uidir, died.


Tomas O Con Chennain, king of Ui Diarmata, was killed by his own brother's son.


Peace was made in Annaly, which was divided into two [lordships.]


Maelsechlainn son of Aed Buide Mag Eochacain, chieftain of Kenaliagh, was killed in his sleep by two of his own people in the castle of Lara, and they were themselves burnt therefore.


Emann son of Conchobar Mag Ragnaill died.


Villiam son of Seoan O Fergail was killed with a stake, which one of his own men threw at him.


The son of Fergal O Gadra and Magnus son of Dauid were killed by the posterity of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata.


Emann son of Lochlainn O hAinlige was killed by his own people.


Thomas son of Piers Butler was killed.


Toirrdelbach O Conchobair, the son of Toirrdelbach Ruad, died.


Sligo Castle was captured by Macwilliam Burke from O Domnaill's guards and delivered to the son of Brian O Conchobair, as was right.


After this Macwilliam Burke came into Moylurg and devastated the land, that is, the part of it belonging to Ruaidri Mac Diarmata.


To avenge this, Ruaidri went upon Croghan in opposition to Conchobar Mac Diarmata, the present king, and afterwards encamped about the Rock and besieged it. Engines, constructed by wrights brought from Fermanagh, were sent to him and the only son of Mac Diarmata was killed by an arrow shot out of one


of these engines. By this shot the Rock was captured; Ruaidri took the undivided kingship of Moylurg and Conchobar was driven out.


A terrible war in Machaire Connacht, with Feidlim Finn and O Conchobair Donn on the one side, and the young sons of Tadc O Conchobair and Feidlim's sons and the sons of O Conchobair Ruad on the other. The whole Machaire was ravaged, church and lay, in the fighting, and Toirrdelbach Ruad son of Ruaidri son of Feidlim, best of princes, was killed.


Tadc son of Diarmait Ruad O Conchobair was treacherously killed by the posterity of Brian Ballach [O Conchobair.]


A great plague throughout Ireland this year. The Baron of Delving and Mac Muiris of Errew died of it.


Ben Mide daughter of Magnus son of Brian O Conchobair, the wife of Mac Donnchada, that is Tadc son of Brian, rested in Christ.


O Cobthaig, that is Muirchertach Losc, died.


Fachtna, the son of O Fergail, was killed by Edmund son of Hubert Dalton.


Art son of Colman O Mailsechlainn died.


Mag Samradain, that is Cathal son of Donnchad Ballach, and Bishop Mag Samradains died.