Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1476


1476 First of January on Monday and the fifth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCLVI. GF.


Tadc Oc son of Tigernan O Ruairc, an excellent prospective chieftain of Brefne, died.


Aed son of O Cellaig was killed by his own brother Tadc in Athlone. They were both sons of Uilliam O Cellaig.


Domnall Riabach son of Geralt Caemanach [Mac Murchada], king of Leinster, died.


Brian son of Fergal Ruad O hUiginn, head of his own family and teacher of the Irish and the Scotch, died on Maundy Thursday and was buried at Ballylahan.


The Western O hEgra died. There were burnings and slayings and battles between the families of Domnall and of Murchad in a war for the chieftainship.



Bishop Mag Samradain died and Sean son of Brian succeeded him.


The lamp of wisdom to the Irish and high teacher in the arts, that is Uaithne son of the son of Cathal O Conchobair, died.


Etain, daughter of Domnall son of Muirchertach and wife of O Conchobair Donn, rested.


Tadc son of Eogan son of Ruaidri O Conchobair was treacherously killed by three of his own people, namely the son of Ruaidri Ruad son of Eogan son of [Ruaidri] son of Cathal, and the son of Cathal son of [?Eogan] son of the Abbott O Conchobair, and the son of Donnchad O Taidc; and they took the castle of Roscommon but it was re-taken from them in the same battle.


A great army was led by Macwilliam Burke into North Connacht, face to face with the army of O Domnaill. O Domnaill went into Cuil Cnam and Macwilliam into Coill Luigne. Mac Diarmata went to the help of Macwilliam, while Mac Donnchada went to the help of O Domnaill and brought him out of the [...].... (?) he was in; they crossed Fersait na Finntraga, where they lost horses and men, and passed over into Carbury. Macwilliam followed them over into Carbury till the two forces came face to face, and after that they made peace and divided North Connacht into two; O Dubda, Leyney and half of Carbury going to Macwilliam Burke and the other half to O Domnaill.


A great expedition by the Galls of Meath with the posterity of Seoan son of Domnall [O Fergail] into Moybrawne. They demolished Rathreagh and burned the monastery of Shrule, but would not attack Pallas, destroyed the fields and corncrops of the country and departed without having exacted a peace.


Mag Ragnaill made a great hosting into Moybrawne and destroyed whatever of their corn-crops had escaped the Galls.


Sefraid son of the son of Siacus [? O Fergail], Prior of Abbeyderg, rested in Christ.


Derbforgaill daughter of Feidlim Finn O Conchobair, wife of O Conchobair Donn, died; and O hAinlige's daughter, wife of Toirrdelbach Caech Mac Suibne, rested.



A great war between the Meath and Leinster Galls, in which the son of Sean son of Fitz Thomas was killed.


O Conchobair Failgi captured his own three brothers and the son of Art son of Conn O Mailsechlainn and the son of Muiris son of Mac Piarais.