Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1475


1475 First of January on Sunday and the twenty-fourth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCLV.



Conchobar son of Brian Mac Donnchada died on the first of January this year.


Donnchad son of Aed Mac Suibne, Prior of Derrane, rested in Christ.


Domnall son of Seaan O Fergail was killed by the sons of Cathal son of Uilliam O Fergail, and these were driven out to live among the Galls.


Murchad O Matadain, king of Sil nAnmchada, died.


Diarmait son of Brian O Birn died.


Sean O Fergail, chieftain of Annaly, died at Granard after having celebrated the wedding feast of the chieftainship but before enjoying any of the fruits of lordship, and he was buried in the monastery of Lara.


Hubert son of Edmund son of Uilliam Mac Davy, a captain courageous, and Diarmait son of Domnall son of Toirrdelbach Donn O Conchobair were killed at Ballintober, on the second day of summer, by the sons of [the late] O Conchobair Donn, namely Eogan Caech and Ruaidri.


Rudraige son of Rosa son of Muirchertach Midech son of Brian O Fergail died at the threshold of the chieftainship, and Rudraige son of Cathal son of Tomas was proclaimed chieftain in opposition to the posterity of Seaan son of Tomas.


Sinnach of Muinter Tadcain was killed by Murchad son of Art O Mailsechlainn.


Diarmait Mac Senlaich died.


O Domnaill made a circuit in Connacht and made peace between O Ruairc and O Raigillig. Thence he marched to Fenagh, where Mag Ragnaill met him and they both proceeded past Sliab Cairbre and through Mag Tethba and Moybrawne, and the Abbot of Lara was killed in their following by an arrowshot from Rathreagh. From here he passed westwards through Moybrawne and they rested and encamped that night at Cuircne of Meath, where the Dillons and the Daltons came in and made peace with him. Thence he went on to Offaly and Cairbre of Leinster, where O Conchobair [Failgi] came to meet him. On the other part came the Meath Galls, and the lands were destroyed in the fighting. Peace was afterwards made and O Domnaill returned home by way of Athlone.


Eogan Caech O Conchobair utterly defeated the Clanconway in a night-engagement, wherein more than two score were killed, including two sons of Hubert son of William Mac Davy and two sons of Tadc O Cellaig.



Richard son of John Burke (?) died.


Aed son of Eogan son of the son of Cathal O Conchobair died.


Emann son of Maelsechlainn O hAinlige, a man good enough to be chieftain of the Three Tuatha, died on the fourteenth day after the feast of Michael, Thursday by the day of the week.


Uilliam son of Tadc O Cellaig died.


The Baron of Delvin died.


Roiberd son of Rudraige son of Rosa [O Fergail] died.


The Galls of Machaire Oirgiall and the sons of Aed Ruad. Mag Mathgamna defeated Remann Mag Mathgamna, king of Oriel, taking him prisoner and killing many.


Two sons of Art son of Conn O Mailsechlainn were killed by Colman son of the son of Art O Mailsechlainn.


Gilla na Naem son of Maelsechlainn O hUiginn died.


Callow Castle was taken by Macwilliam of Clanrickard and given to the son of Maelsechlainn O Cellaig and his [Macwilliam's] daughter.


Aed O Neil1, eligible prince of Ulster, died.


Cormac O Cuirnin, teacher of the learned of Ireland, died.