Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1472


1472 First of January on Wednesday and the twenty-first day of the moon; and it was the tenth year of the Cycle of Nineteen, the eighth of the Solar Cycle, the fifth of the Indiction and a leap-year. A.D. MCCCCLXXII. Common year. ED.


Eogan Mac Diarmata, that is the son of Conchobar, died on the Friday before the feast of Berach.


Muirchertach son of Tomaltach son of Imar O hAinlige died.


Diarmait son of Seoan son of Maelsechlainn O Fergail was killed by the sons of Seoan son of Domnall O Fergail.



Tomaltach son of Conchobar Mac Diarmata was killed on Passion Sunday at Bel Atha Chasil Bracain by the sons of Diarmait son of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata.


Uilliam son of Tadc Caech son of Uilliam O Cellaig was killed by the son of Tadc son of Donnchad O Cellaig.


Eogan son of O Findain died.


An encounter between O Neill and O Domnaill, where a great loss was suffered by O Domnaill, namely Mac Suibne Fanad and many others. His son Ruaidri succeeded him, and by Heaven he made a good Mac Suibne.


Two sons of Magnus O Cathain, Gobraid and Ruaidri the Restless, were killed by Mac Uigilin.


Conn son of Aed Buide [O Neill Buide] defeated the Route and killed Mac Uigilin himself, that is Cormac, and many others gentle and simple. Mac Uigilin was killed by O Cathain's subjects and the Route was expelled in consequence.


The posterity of Mathgamain O Raigillig utterly routed the Tellach Dunchada and their allies of Brefne and Muinter Eolais, killing two sons of Ruaidri O Raigillig and many others gentle and simple.


O Cellaig made a great attack on Moneylea. The Galls of Western Meath—Petits, Tyrrels, d'Arcys and Daltons—caught up with them and O Cellaig was defeated. Donnchad O Cellaig and many others were captured, and many of their footmen and mercenaries were killed.


Extraordinary animals arrived in Ireland from the King of England, viz. a kind of mare, yellow in colour, with bovine hooves, very long neck, very large head and a very long, ugly, scanty-haired tail. She ate wheat and salt and would draw any load, however heavy, that was attached to her tail; and she went down on her knees in every doorway, however high, as also for her rider to mount.


Mac Jordan D'Exeter died.


The young Earl of Desmondg was released by the Mac Carthys and he reduced Gerald the son of the Earl to impotence.


Maine Sinnach, lord of Muinter Tadcain, died and Tadc son of Maine succeeded him.


Ualgarg son of Cathal Ballach O Ruairc was killed by the followers of Eogan son of Lochlainn O Ruairc.



Macwilliam Burke led an army into Ui Maine to help, Tadc Caech O Cellaig; and after subduing the Ui Maine west of the Suck and receiving hostages from them all he suffered great loss in the end, for twenty-five or twenty-six of his men deserted from his army, including the son of Walter Burke's son, the sons of Mac Muiris, the sons of Mac Jordan, the son of Mac in Miled and so forth. These were all put out of action, being taken prisoner or killed, save that Mac Jordan himself, though wounded, managed to fight his way out. Macwilliam departed in sorrow.


Two sons of Cathal Mag Ragnaill, Conchobar and Maelsechlainn, were killed on one day by the posterity of Maelsechlainn Mag Ragnaill, three weeks before Christmas. They had killed the son of Conmac son of Seoinin in this war and trampled under foot the country as far as Sliab Cairbre; and they had always been victorious until that day and loaded with all success, until the one day made restitution.


Gilla Glas, the son of O hUiginn, died in the autumn of this year.