Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1471


1471 First of January on Tuesday and the tenth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCLXXI. And this was the ninth year of the Cycle of Nineteen and the fourth year of the Indiction and the seventh year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. F.


O Conchobair of Corcomroe, that is Conchobar, was killed by his own people, namely his brother's sons.


Aed son of Eogan son of Domnall son of Muirchertach [O Conchobair of Carbury] was killed by the family of Richard Burke and by Ruaidri son of Brian O Conchobair, the instigator.


Thomas Plunket died.


Domnall son of Cormac son of Magnus Mac Branain was treacherously killed at Lissonuffy, in violation of the oaths and


guarantees of the kings and chieftains of Sil Murray, by Conn son of Tadc Mac Branain, who had submitted to him before; and Emann son of Brian son of Magnus was killed with him.


Diarmait son of Muirchertach son of Aed O Conchobair was killed by the sons of O Conchobair Donn, i.e. of Feidlim.


Aed son of Toirrdelbach son of Ruaidri son of Cathal O Conchobair was treacherously killed by the family of Eogan son of Ruaidri.


The son of Toirrdelbach son of Feidlim son of Ruaidri was killed with an arrow-shot by one of the Ui Maine.


Cathal son of Iriel son of Feidlim O Raigillig was killed by his own people.


The son of Uilliam son of Colla Mac Dubgaill was killed by the sons of Tomas son of Cathal O Fergail as he was returning from the Leinster service.


An abundant nut-crop this year; the summer and autumn very dry and all the crops very early.


Great raids by O Domnaill and the sons of Eogan O Conchobair on the cattle of Carbury and of the Clann Donnchada to the north of Sligo.


Macwilliam Burke entered Carbury and took hostages from it.


Mac Diarmata made an attack on Airtech and captured Mac Ceithernaig, who had come to the help of the people of Airtech.


Showers of hail fell each side of Beltaine, with lightning and thunder, destroying much blossom and beans and fruits in all parts of Ireland where they fell. One of these showers, in the east, had stones two or three inches long, which made large wounds on the people they struck and destroyed. . . and a dog in Mag Trega and about Cluain Lis Beci and in every place it visited. There was another, in the north, which did much damage in Moylurg and at the monastery of Boyle; and a boat could have floated over the floor of the great church of the monks, as we have heard from the folk of that place.



The kingdom of England was rent asunder this year and a battle was fought between the factions on Easter Day. Here the Earl of Warwick was killed by a gun-shot and many others of the English lords were slain. The old King was made prisoner and taken to London and smothered between two flock beds—since it would not have been right to use a weapon against him—and thousands of others were killed. The Duke of York's son assumed the full-kingship of England, and every good thing came in his time in England.


Cu Choicriche O Mailchonaire, prospective ollav of Sil Murray, died in Macwilliam Burke's house at Loughmask Castle and was buried in Rossreily under the protection of God and St. Francis. May God be compassionate to his soul!


And, what we deplore more than that, the coarb of Cloone rested in Christ.


O Briain was taken prisoner by his own people.


Diarmait son of the Erenagh of Elphin, a righteous and chaste priest, was killed by his own people [in a dispute] about land.


The Dean, that is Aed son of Diarmait O Mochain, was put to death, in the dispute about the deanery, in the river at Killicknan.


The son of Earl Thomas was proclaimed Earl and taken prisoner by the Mac Carthys.


O Domnaill took an army into North Connacht and burnt and plundered Cosnamach O Dubda's son's portion of Tireragh.


Tadc Mac Diarmata Ruad, lord of Coillte Conchobair, died.


Ruaidri son of Brian Ballach [O Conchobair] died.


Peace was made by O Neill and O Domnaill according to the wishes of O Neill; the son of O Neill Buide was ransomed from him and O Neill obtained the power of his own province.


An attack was made by Mac Gosdelb after his own kinsmen and they killed Elec daughter of Fergal Oc O hUiginn, wife of Conchobar son of Ruaidri Oc O hUiginn, in her own house at Machaire na nAilech, most unhappily.



War broke out between O Conchobair Donn and Ruaidri O Conchobair and the son of Maelsechlainn Modach was killed in the fighting.


Tadc son of Calbach O Conchobair and of Margreg the Bountiful daughter of O Cerbaill, ravager of Galls and Gaels, died of the colic.


The son of the Prior of Kilmainham, a Fitz Gerald, died of the same mortality.


The son of Donnchad son of Aed Mag Uidir and Colla son of Aed Mag Uidir were killed by their own people.


Mag Uidir resigned his lordship and Emann his son succeeded him.


The sons of O Conchobair Failgi took a prey from the Cenel Fiachach and killed Uaithne son of Mag Eochacain and the son of Niall Mac in tSinnaig and two gallowglasses.


Toirrdelbach O Mailmuaid was killed by an arrow-shot this year.


Strange things happened this year; the nut-trees blossomed about the autumnal festival of Mary, when the geese were broody, and seed sown on Saturday showed green on Monday.


O Gobann of Brefne, a rich prosperous yeoman, died this year.


An attack was made by the people of Airtech on Cluain Ruis Iuchain in Moylurg, but they were defeated and some were killed and some captured.