Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1470


1470 First of January on Monday and the twenty-ninth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCLXX. Eighth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle. Embolismal year. G. Last year of the Ogdoad.


Brian son of Tadc son of Mac Donnchada, lord of Ballimote, was killed by Tadc son of Brian Mac Donnchada; his cattle were taken from him and many of his followers killed with him. The son of the Eastern Mac Donachada, namely Eogan, was killed in a skirmish on the same day.


Brian son of Magnus O Mochain died.


Ruaidri Baccach O Neill was killed by the sons of Art O Neill and the posterity of Enri Aimreid [O Neill.] To avenge them, two sons of Art O Neill and four of Enri's posterity were killed by Conn son of O Nei11 in one day, when he defeated them.


Sligo Castle was surrendered by the sons of Eogan O Conchobair to O Domnaill, out of a grudge against Ruaidri son of Brian and the sons of Toirrdelbach Carrach son of Domnall O Domnaill gave it back to them and they acknowledged his overlordship in return.


Two sons of Eogan son of O Conchobair Ruad, namely Domnall and Donnchad, were killed by Ruaidri son of O Conchobair Donn, and Conn son of Tadc O Conchobair and Cathal son of Feidlim Finn were captured.


Connla son of Aed Buide Mag Eochacain, chieftain of Cenel Fiachach, was killed at Achad Buide in Ardnurcher by the son of Art son of Conn O Mailsechlainn and the Clann Colmain, in retribution for his killing of Art previously.


O Ruairc and O Domnaill raised an army to go to Croaghan to make O Ruairc king. O Raigillig, the Galls and the Tellach Dunchada met them both and the son of Aed O Raigillig and the sons of Bishop O Gallchobair were killed in the fighting and horses and men were wounded. O Domnaill and his army were turned back, and not admitted to Croaghan this time.


That object of execration to all the men of Ireland, the English Justiciar who had made away with Earl Thomas, was


quartered by the Earl of Warwick and the Duke of Clarence, to avenge Thomas. The Earl of Kildare3 was made Justiciar.


Feidlimid Finn made an attack on the sons of O Conchobair Ruad on the autumnal festival of the Lord's Cross, when some of the troop went, without authorisation from their lords, against O Mailchonaire's residence and stole the money and clothing out of it. After this they attacked and plundered Enach (?). And they did a thing which men thought worse than that; for they killed Aed son of Donnchad Dubsuilech O Conchobair and Brian son of the son of Maine Gelbuide O Conchobair and came away in despite of their enemies. And O Mailchonaire exacted more than ‘the return of the needle’ from them, for the sons of Domnall granted to his children compensation without [deduction of] a collecting-fee for ever (?). Feidlimid Finn made peace with the posterity of O Conchobair Ruad and with everyone.


Nicalas son of Diarmait Carrach son of Murchad son of Archdeacon O Flannacain [? died.]


Tomaltach Mac Ceithernaig was killed.


Pilip Mag Uidir, eligible prince of the Fir Manach, died.