Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1469


1469 First of January on Sunday and the eighteenth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCLXIX. Seventh year of the Decemnovennial Cycle. A.


Aed son of Uilliam O Cellaig, king of Ui Maine and illustrious throughout Ireland, one who never refused a suppliant, was treacherously killed on the Monday before Shrove Tuesday, that is two days before St. Berach's day, by the posterity of Donnchad O Cellaig, that is by the sons of Bresal and by Tadc son of Donnchad. Two O Cellaigs were proclaimed after him, Uilliam son of Aed son of Brian and Tadc Caech son of Uilliam O Cellaig.



Risderd Oc O Raigillig, an excellent prospective king of Brefne, died.


Richard son of Thomas Burke resigned his lordship and Richard son of Edmund Burke was made king in his stead; and in very sooth this is no ‘tone for an egg’.


Tadc son of Brian Mac Donnchada [died] this year.


Eogan son of Aed Buide Mag Eochacain, eligible prince of Cenel Fiachach, was killed by the Clann Colmain.


Ruaidri son of Donnchad son of Eogan Oc O Dalaig, the most musical-handed harpist in all Ireland, died.


O Gadra, that is Eogan son of Tomaltach Oc son of Tomaltach Mor, king of Coolavin, died between the two autumnal feasts of Mary. The son of this same O Gadra, and a son worthy of him, namely Eogan, died of a sudden sickness. Diarmait son of Eogan O Gadra succeeded to his father's lordship, and may it prosper for him.


Mag Carthaig Mor, king of Desmond, died.


Tadc son of Magnus son of Seoan Mac Branain, chieftain of Corca Achlann, was treacherously killed by his brother and his brother's sons a week after Michaelmas, on a Friday by the day of the week, and two chieftains succeeded him, namely Domnall son of Cormac, the man who ordered the slaying, and Uilliam son of Aed son of Aed's son.


O Flainn, lord of the Sil Mailruain, was killed along with his brother by Maelsechlainn O Flainn, and Maelsechlainn was proclaimed chieftain afterwards.


O Domnaill led a great army into Connacht to meet Macwilliam Burke. They both proceeded to Claregalway and burnt the town in spite of Thomond and Macwilliam, spent a night encamped there and were refused battle then. The next day they burnt the whole of Machaire Clainne Taidc, killing many horses and many men, including Domnall, son of O Conchobair of Corcomroe.


A previous expedition.


Mac Dubgaill, that is Eogan son of Duibgenn son of another Eogan, was treacherously slain in his own house by the sons of Colla Mac Dubgaill.


Aed son of Uaithne O hAinlige and Tadc son of Muirchertach son of Tomaltach O hAinlige died.