Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1488


1488 First of January on Friday and the seventh day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCLXVIII. Sixth year of the Decemnovennial Cycle. Embolismal year. CB.


Injury and great outrage was done in Ireland this year. Thomas, Earl [of Desmond], unique among the Irish earls for feature and form and stature, for every accomplishment by


which a man may win honour, for putting down rebellion and vice, for bestowing treasure and wealth on the laymen and clerks and poets of all Ireland, attended a great Court at Drogheda to meet the Justiciar and the Meath Galls and was beheaded, though he was guiltless of any offence. He was buried at Tralee in the sepulchre of his ancestors; and the hearts of the men of Ireland and of their wives were broken by these tidings.


Ruaidri son of Conchobar Mac Donnchada, king of Ui Ailella and Ballindoon, died a fortnight before St. Bridget's clay, having conquered the world and the Devil.


Richard Riad son of William Mac Davy died.


Gormlaith daughter of Murchad son of Cormac son of [...][. . . . ], wife of Aed Mac Suibne, rested in Christ in January.


O Conchobair Failgi was taken prisoner by the Galls this year.


Toirrdelbach son of Seoan O Raigillig was made king this year.


Cathal Oc son of Cathal Ruad Mag Ragnaill, chieftain in full of the Muinter Eolais, died in his own house, after the victory of Unction and Penance, on the first Sunday in Great Lent, and a blessing go with him for his excellent gifts, his great charity, his great heart and his free spending and his wealth; for he used to spend this great wealth on the poets and strangers of Ireland and on the poor and needy of the mighty Lord. May God reward his soul therefor on the day of judgment.


Tadc Mag Ragnaill was made chieftain in his stead, and Uilliam Mag Ragnaill was proclaimed chieftain by the posterity of Maelsechlainn Mag Ragnaill.


Gilla Dub son of Cormac Ballach Mac Donnchada was killed.


Torna O Mailchonaire, ollav of Sil Murray in History and Poetry, died after a victory of repentance in his own house at Lis Ferbain after St. Patrick's day; he was buried under the protection of Patrick and St. Francis at Elphin and Urard O Mailchonaire succeeded to the ollavship.


Art son of Conn O Mailsechlainn, king de jure of Meath, was killed on Easter Tuesday at Knockycosker after making an attack on it.



Conchobar son of Emann son of Maelsechlainn O hAinlige died on the Saturday before Low Sunday.


Conchobar O Mailalaid, Bishop of Elphin, rested in Christ.


O Morda and Mac Gilla Patraic died of the colic.


Tigernan Oc son of Tadc O Ruairc, worthy king of the Ui Briuin and the Cath Aeda Finn, died after overcoming the world and the Devil.


Domnall son of Tadc O Ruairc was made king in his stead by O Domnaill and the rest of his friends; and the posterity of Tigernan [Oc] son of Tigernan Mor son of Ualgarg rose up unjustly against him and Donnchad Losc son of Tigernan Mor was set up by themselves, the men of Carbury, and the Clann Donnchada.


O Domnaill came across the Erne with a countless host and wasted Lower Connacht. He took huge preys from the western part of Tireragh and of Cuil Cnama and of Leyney Wood and carried them home with him.


The Upper Macwilliam and O Conchobair Donn, each with his following of Galls and Gaels, went to the rescue of Lower Connacht. They burnt O Ruairc's residence but accomplished no more than that, returning home without having fought a battle or exacted a concession. As a result of this campaign the crops of Tirerrill, Cairbre and Luigne were poor and thankless.


Collooney Castle was captured from the sons of Cormac Ballach Mac Donnchada by the sons of Brian Mac Donnchada and given to those from whom it had been taken before.


O Domnaill gave back Bundrowes Castle, which had been in his possession, to the posterity of Muirchertach Baccach [O Conchobair.]


Richard Burke came into Moylurg. He made peace in Moylurg and they both marched out against O Domnaill; but O Domnaill crossed the Erne before they reached the North, so they did not meet that time. Richard turned back into Machaire Connacht and took hostages of the sons of O Conchobair Ruad and ravaged the descendants of Feidlim because they would not yield him hostages. Clanconway was ravaged by Edmund son of William himself and his sons, in wantonness and pride.


Countless preys were taken by Feidlimid Finn from O Conchobair [Donn] and carried by him into Moylurg. He also


took huge preys in Ui Maine and from the posterity of Feidlim Clerech and from the Muinter Birn and drove them to Killaraght to meet Richard Burke and his army. He kept this army from disbanding, feeding them on his own provisions for a week, and would have maintained them longer if they had remained with him. He [then] seized another prey from Ciarraige Meic Ceithernaig, and on that day he killed Aed Caech O Conchobair's son's son. Edmund son of William opposed him at Imaire Uarain with three score gallowglasses and three score regular mercenaries and the cavalry of his own territory. A good many were killed on both sides and his prey, as well as his horses, was taken from Feidlimid then.


O Cathain died.


The Dean, son of Muiris son of Conchobar, rested in Christ.


Much of Meath and of the counties of Leinster was ravaged by Gerald son of the Earl of Desmond, to avenge Earl Thomas.


Dillon of Machaire Cuircne died.


Ben Muman daughter of Eogan O Conchobair, wife of Aed son of Brian, that is of O Cellaig, died.


Aine, daughter of Mag Eochacain and wife of Mag Uidir, died.


Edmund-of-the-Plain Mac Gosdelb was treacherously killed by his own brother, namely William Mac Gosdelb.


Conchobar Buide son of Cormac Mac Branain died.


Uaithne, the son of Mag Eochacain, was killed by an arrow-shot at Knockycosker Castle.


Tadc Mac Tigernain, a prosperous and wealthy yeoman, and his wife, Nuala daughter of Mac Donnchada Riabach, that is Fergal, died.


A great defeat was given to the Galls of Lecale, wherein Oengus son of Alaxander Mac Domnaill and the son of Robert Savage, lord of Lecale, were killed, and wherein Muirchertach Ruad O Neill, lord of Clannaboy, was taken prisoner by Conn son of Aed Buide O Neill at Benn Uama, with many others gentle and simple.


More huge preys were taken by Feidlim Finn and Conchobar son of Conchobar Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, from Ballintober. O Conchobair Donn himself, with his full muster besides the men of his territories, and Ruaidri O Conchobair with his full muster and a large part of the Clanconway


and all the posterity of [Aed] son of Feidlim on this side came upon them both, but they escaped successfully and safely to Scor Mor in Clann Chathail. Here Feidlim and Mac Diarmata turned upon their pursuers, fiercely and victoriously, and so routed and scattered them that no man of them would lend a rod to another. Eogan son of Toirrdelbach Dall son of Toirrdelbach Oc O Conchobair, Feidlim son of Toirrdelbach Ruad son of Brian Ballach, and many others gentle and simple [were slain.] Feidlim carried off the prey at his ease, in victory and triumph, leaving his enemies sorry and ashamed.


Ruaidri son of Diarmait Ruad son of Tadc O Conchobair and his wife, the daughter of Cairpre O Conchobair, died of a sudden illness.


There was great scarcity throughout Ireland this year, the result of plague, treachery (?), murder and general war, so that a small [...]. . . . (?) cost twopence in the summer of this year.


A great raid by Tadc son of Calbach [O Conchobair Failgi] on Crevagh by the Inny, in which more than twenty men and nearly forty of their packhorses were taken from them. Dalton, who instigated the expedition, and Mag Eochacain were wounded but Tadc carried off the prey.


Tadc raided the same people again and took much plunder, and he killed the son of Brian son of Laigsech [? O Fergail.]


Feradach son of Lochlainn Oc O hAinlige and the son of Cormac O hAinlige's son and some of their hired troops were killed by the sons of Uaithne O hAinlige.