Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1465


1465 First of January on Tuesday and the fourth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCLXV. Third year of the Decemnovennial Cycle. Embolismal year. F.


After the death of Tadc O Conchobair the posterity of [Aed] son of Feidlimid were for eight [weeks?] and a day without anyone yielding obedience to another. At last the peace among the sons of Tadc O Conchobair and the posterity of O Conchobair Ruad was broken, O Conchobair Ruad's descendants and Brian son of Brian Ballach being ranged against the sons of Tadc O Conchobair and the posterity of Feidlim Clerech. O Conchobair Ruad's descendants and Brian Ballach's descendants, with their gallowglasses and Irish, made an attack on Nadnaveagh. They were followed by those outside and horses and men were wounded [in the fighting] between the two parties [all the way] to Doonard. But this is not all, for Cathal Ruad O Conchobair was killed by his mother's brothers and the brothers


of his father. These things were done on the last day but one of March, the Saturday before Palm Sunday, so that there was no respecting of ollav or bishop among the Sil Murray.


Exceeding great frost and snow and stormy weather this year, so that no herb grew in the ground and no leaf budded on a tree until the feast of St. Brendan, but a man, if he were the stronger, would forcibly carry away the food from the priest in church, even though he had the Sacred Body in his hands and stood clothed in Mass-vestments.


Aed son of Conchobar Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, died this year and Conchobar Oc son of Conchobar Mac Diarmata was made king in his stead by the laymen and clerics of his own country, excepting only the sons of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata.


A meeting was arranged between Mac Diarmata and O Conchobair Donn and these sons [of Ruaidri] and Donnchad O Cellaig, who had been brought into it by these sons of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata. They attacked each other and O Conchobair Donn was defeated; Diarmait son of Ruaidri was killed and Tadc son of Ruaidri Buide and the son of Cathal Ruad O Conchobair, the foster-son of Tadc son of Ruaidri Buide were captured. A child was killed by the son of Diarmait Mor O Conchobair who was with his foster-father and many of his kerne were killed and their spoils taken. O Conchobair Donn [afterwards] raided Mac Diarmata, but he left behind the value of the prey, namely Tomaltach Mac Diarmata, who was killed in his following.


Sefraid son of Uilliam O Fergail died.


Mac Senlaich, Diarmait Dub, a noble head of dignity, died. His son Seoinin succeeded him.


Maelsechlainn O Birn, chieftain of Ui Briuin na Sinna, and his young son ‘Gilla Dub,’ whose name was Maelsechlainn, were killed and burned by his brothers and his own subjects on the Sunday before Hallowmas at Lochan Lesa Ferbain; and another good son of his, namely Cairpre, was killed a fortnight later by the same people. He had gone to attack them at Berna Bailb and was killed with one severe arrow-wound by Muirchertach Mainech O Birn.



Mac Con Snama and his son were treacherously killed by Domnall O Ruairc and his sons, who then took possession of his lands.


The son of Emann O Cellaig's son died.


Ruaidri Oc son of Ruaidri son of Toirrdelbach Mac Domnaill, the great famous Constable, died.


Aed son of Tadc O Ruairc died.


The son of Lochlainn O Fergail died of the colic.


Diarmait Mac Jago was treacherously killed by the sons of Gilla na Naem O hAinlige.


Diarmait and Eogan, sons of Tadc O hAinlige, were treacherously killed by the posterity of Lochlainn O hAinlige.


Cormac Mac Diarmata Gall, lord of Airtech, died.