Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1464


1464 First of January on Sunday and the twenty-third day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCLXIV. Second year of the Decemnovennial Cycle. Common year. AG.



Mac Capa and Domnall O Ruairc died of the colic.


Seoan son of the Official son of Muirchertach [Oc O Fergail] and Maelechlainn son of Brian son of Muirchertach Oc O Fergail and his wife died of the colic.


Muirchertach son of Seaan O Duibgennain died of the same colic.


The son of Glaisne son of Conchobair O Raigillig was killed.


Mac Diarmata Ruad, that is Diarmait son of Maelsechlainn, and Cathal Baccach son of Cormac of Formael died.


Ben Muman daughter of O Flannacain died.


Diarmait O Murchadain, best of priests, rested in Christ.


O Flainn, that is the lord of Sil Mailruain, and his brother Gilla na Naem O Flainn were killed by the posterity of Pilip Mac-Gosdelb at Cluain Cruimm and five of their people were killed with them.


Bresal son of Donnchad O Cellaig and Maelsechlainn son of Uilliam O Cellaig, who were struggling with each other for the kingship, both died in one week at the end of April.


Cedach O Morda, king of Laigis, died of the colic.


Piers Butler died.


Muirchertach son of Art O Mailsechlainn and his wife, O Cobthaig's daughter, and three others as well died within one day and night from going to see a horse which died of the same swellings.


Mor daughter of Semus O Cennetig, wife of Mag Eochacain, and his daughter died of that same colic.


Two sons of Aed O Mailmuaid were killed by the sons of Tepoit O Mailmuaid and the sons of O Conchobair Failgi. The son of Mailir O Mailmuaid was treacherously killed by the sons of the same Tepoit, he being the son of their own father's brother.


Conn son of Niall Garb O Domnaill, eligible prince of Tir Conaill, the most distinguished man of his time in Ireland for size and strength, was killed by the sons of Nechtain O Domnaill.


Lochlainn son of Mailin O Mailchonaire died, having won a victory over the world and the Devil, and was buried at Elphin under the protection of God and Patrick and St. Francis.


Cathal Ruad, son of O Conchobair, raided Maelsechlainn son of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata and the son of Diarmait O Mugroin.



Cormac son of Matha son of Amlaib Ruad O Birn was killed by one wound of a javelin and without cause, but [it happened in] a rising-up at the outcries of the prey. None of them admitted who struck the blow, and Cormac fell [dead].


The sons of Brian Mac Donnchada were utterly routed at Baile Locha Bo by the sons of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata and Tadg Mag Ragnaill and the sons of Cormac Ballach Mac Donachada. Tadc son of Brian and his son, Maelruanaid son of Brian and Maelsechlainn Mac Diarmata Ruad were captured; Eoin Mac Suibne, the constable of their gallowglasses, was killed there together with sixthen gallowglasses, and Diarmait son of Cormac Ballach [Mac Donnchada] was killed by one shot of a small arrow.


Mac Richard Butler, most esteemed and renowned of the Galls of Ireland as a captain in war, died.


A sudden raid was made by the sons of O Cellaig, Colla Prior of St. John's and Ruaidri, at the instigation of Brian O Brain of Brawnie and the sons of Rosa son of Muirchertach Midech O Fergail. O Cellaig's two sons and sixteen of their followers, Brian O Brain with ten of his followers, and ten of the people of Callow, including Uilliam son of Donnchad son of the Prior, were killed—thirty-six in all; and though Mag Amalgaid inflicted a defeat, he was defeated.


The prey of Lacan was taken by Tadc Mag Ragnaill, who was induced thereto by Diarmait son of Lochlainn Oc O hAinlige; and we have not heard that any Gall or Gael ever did this before.


Mac Uilliam Burke and O Domnaill with many Galls and Gaels in their company went to Dublin to meet the Earl of Desmond, who was the King's Lieutenant. They came to terms and made a treaty with him.


The Justiciars and the Bishop of Meath and Thomas Plunket with nine of the gentlemen of his household went to the King of England's house to make complaint against each other.


After the slaying of Conn O Domnaill, the sons of Nechtain O Domnaill and O Neill led out a plundering army and burned


the whole country as far as Ballyshannon. They took preys of cows and horses home with them, but left the full value thereof behind, namely Brian son of Conchobar Oc son of Conchobar Ruad Mag Uidir, most honourable, valiant and hospitable of men, and twenty-eight others with him.


Richard Burke went to the help of O Domnaill with seven shiploads of men.


Tadc O Conchobair raided the sons of Muirchertach [? Oc O Fergail] beside the Inny.


The same week he raided O Fergail at Camath. The larger beasts were driven off before he attacked, but he seized the small cattle and wrought destruction among the people and took prisoner a good soldier, with his horse and armour, but non-mortally wounded.


The image of Mary at Trim wrought great marvels this year.


The son of [Conn] O Mailsechlainn obtained more than restitution, an unusual event, from Petit for his treachery towards him; that is to say, [Petit] payed full compensation after having his land burned and stripped bare.


Uilliam son of Maine son of Conn son of the lord of the posterity of Conchobar Mac Branain died.


Street in Moybreckry was burned, houses and churches, by the Baron of Delvin.


Burnings and plunderings between the Nugents and the Mac Herberts this year.


Aed Mac Diarmata took the preys of Tir Thuathail this year and they made submission to him in return for [restitution of] their preys; for since the death of Tomaltach Mac Diarmata they had been with the Clann Donnchada.


A great war between the posterity of Uilliam O Cellaig and the posterity of Donnchad O Cellaig, in which the posterity of Donnchad recovered the lands which the posterity of Uilliam had taken from them.


A great war between the sons of O Cellaig, that is Aed son of Brian, the sons of Eogan's daughter being ranged against the sons of Mac Diarmata's daughter. Tir Maine was burned


between them, and they made peace after O Cellaig's sons had been killed by the Calraigi. The Calraigi were driven into Ui Failgi, except that their wardens were left in Ballylochloe.


The daughter of Mag Eochada of Moyfin, wife of the son of Emann O Cellaig's son, most charitable and most bountiful of women, entered into rest this year.


The son of Cormac Ballach [Mac Donnchada] was taken prisoner by the Abbot son of Brian [Mac Donnchada] and four hundred cows were captured from his people.


Tadc O Conchobair, half-king of Connacht, died on the Saturday after the first festival of Mary in the autumn and was buried at Roscommon by the posterity of Cathal Crobderg and the territories of the Sil Murray, with such pomp and dignity as had not been accorded to any king of the line of Cathal Crobderg before him for a very long time; for their horsemen and their gallowglasses in armour surrounded the body of the high-king as if marching into battle, their young levies were there in battle-array, their poet's and men of art and the women of the Sil Murray followed in countless throngs. Countless, too, were the offerings to the Church at the burial of the highking, of cows and horses and money. And he had seen himself in a vision being snatched from Doom by Michael.


The Clann Donnchada made peace and Tadc son of Brian was released.


An expedition by the Ui Maine, in which they burnt Mullingar and destroyed all the crops of Calry.


The son of Tomas Oc O Raigillig was killed by the sons of Fergal O Raigillig.


Feidlim son of Donachad son of Tigernan Oc O Ruairc was treacherously captured by O Ruairc, that is Domnall; and after that Aed son of Tadc son of Tigernan O Ruairc was victoriously captured by Tigernan Oc son of Donnchad son of Tigernan [Oc O Ruairc].


Ir son of Cathal Ruad Mag Ragnaill, a full worthy prospective chieftain of his own land for every achievement whereby a noble may win approval, died this year in the week before the feast of Michael; and we pray the said Michael to comfort (?) his soul.


Ir son of Uilliam Mag Ragnaill was killed in Western Meath that same week, with one javelin-wound, by Gilla Glas Dillon in the presence of his mother's brother, William Dalton.



Domnall son of Muirchertach Baccach O Conchobair, lord of Carbury, was killed with nearly all his kinsmen by the sons of Eogan son of Donnchad son of Muirchertach; and Ruaidri son of Brian O Conchobair was made Lord.


Thomas Earl [of Desmond] arrived from the house of the King of England, bearing with him great gifts and the office of Lieutenant.


Feidlim O Ruairc and Aed O Ruairc were released and peace was concluded in Brefne.


Lochlainn son of Fercert O hUicinn died.


An attack was made by Muirgius son of Cormac Mac Diarmata Gall, at Cluain Carthaig in Sliab Luga, on Edmund of the Plain Mac Goisdelb, wherein Tomaltach Oc O Gadra was killed with one cast of a javelin.


Domnall Cam son of Conchobar Mac Donnchada died.


Remann son of the Prior son of Lochlainn O Fergail died of the colic.