Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1463


1463 First of January on Saturday; twelfth day of the moon, MCCCCLXIII. First year of the Decemnovennial Cycle. Common year. B.


Hoberd son of William Mac David, tanist of Clanconway, died.


Gilla Crist Mac Eitigen, vicar of St. Patrick's church and canon of the choir in Elphin, rested in Christ on the Saturday after St. Bridget's day.


Tadc son of Tomaltach Mor Mac Donnchada, half-king of Ui Ailella, died.


, Conchobar son of Cathal Ruad Mag Ragnaill, chieftain of the Clann Bibsaig, died.


Grainne daughter of Tadc O Ruairc, wife of Mac Donncbada, died.


The son of Maiu Barrett, lord of Tirawley, died.


The Earl of Desmond, James son of Gerald, died.


O Broin was killed by the Galls, and the same day the Galls were defeated by the Branachs, when the sons of Mac an


Breithemnaig were captured from them and many others gentle arid simple.


Mac Donnchada Riabhach of Ballimore, that is Tomaltach, one of Ireland's most illustrious men, died on the eve of Mayday after drinking too much whisky.


Enormous plunderings of the Galls by O Conchobair Failgi, so that his raiding-parties reached as far north as Berna an Ibair.


Emann O Fergail was ransomed.


Cuilen O Dimusaig was killed by the Galls.


Diarmait Mor son of Diarmait O Conchobair was killed by the sons of Tadc O Conchobair at Assylin on the Boyle.


Cormac Ballach Mac Donnchada, that son of a sub-king who most loved hospitality and valour and knowledge of all who lived in Ireland in his time, died after the victory of repentance. A blessing go with him to Heaven!


A raid was made by William son of Richard Burke on the castle of Muilenn Adam, to avenge his eye, which had been struck out some time before by an arrow shot from that castle. He was followed up as far as Ballymote; and here he turned on the pursuing party and killed fifteen of them, including Magnus son of Diarmait Mac Donnchada and the sons of O Neill. It was one of these who had shot his eye out from that castle previously.


Nine men of the Cenel Fiachach were killed on St. Columba's day, in a riot about the wood of a bow, by the Fir Cell and the Clann Colman. Among the killed were the son of Diarmait son of Aed Buide Mag Eochacain, the son of Conchobar Anabaid Mag Eochacain and the son of Fiacha Mag Eochacain's son.


An attack was made by Tadc O Conchobair and the Fir Cell on the Delbna of Mac Cochlain, when Tadc himself and the son of Feidlim O Conchobair were captured and lost many horses and much armour. Tadc was ransomed on agreeing to enter into gossipry and fosterage [with his captors] and to pay two hundred marks in addition. On his release he went against the Fir Tulach, who were fosterers and friendss to him, and brought immense preys away from them.


War broke out between O Conchobair and Tadc, for his plundering of those people who were O Conchobair's fosterers, and after some horses had been killed and some men wounded on both sides Tadc was banished into Clanmalier.


O Flannacain and his son were captured by the descendants


of Brian Ballach [O Conchobair]; his house in Coillin Ui Charthaig was burned and he was badly wounded with an arrow.


A night-raid by the descendants of Brian Ballach on Ruaidri son of Cathal Dub [O Conchobair] at Doire Carlinn.


O Flannacain was released but was not empowered to settle his territory, and his son was left in durance as a pledge for the fulfilment [of the terms upon which he had been released.]


The son of Conn O Mailsechlainn was treacherously captured in the house of Pettit of Mullingar, his fosterer; the choicest of horses, and arms and armour were taken from him and from his followers and many noble persons taken as hostages, of the Clann Colmain and Fir Cell, including Conn's two grandsons. O Conchobair Failgi came with a countless host to Mullingar and forced them to hand over O Mailsechlainn's son, though his hostages were left in captivity, and three hundred cows and the rich chattels of those lands and droves of pigs and to make a peace on these terms.


Immense raids by Tadc O Conchobair and the Cenel Fiachach on Machaire Cuircne, when they plundered the whole country southward from Dun na Monad and outwards from Cell an Ibair.


Mag Ragnaill's sons attacked Baile Tuama Uisce, burning the town and taking a prey. They [then] went into their boats and sent their followers and their prey round [by land], when two or three of their own people were killed, namely the son of Cormac son of Risded Mag Ragnaill and two sons of O Morda, as well as two, or three of the people of Mag Trega, including the son of Amlaib son of Matha son of Cu Chonnacht O Fergail.


Peace was made among the posterity of the son of Feidlim.


Siaccus Cam son of Feidlim, lord of the Clann Amlaib Ui Fergail, died.