Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1442


1442 First of January on Monday; twenty-first day of the moon, MCCCCXLII. Fifth year of the Indiction. G.


.Brian Mag Mathgamna, king of Oriel, died in his own house after Unction and repentance. And the children whereof this man was one—the children, that is, of Ardgar Mor Mag Mathgamna—were fragrant trees and mighty oaks of bounty, for they distributed horses and treasure and money to every suppliant. May the blessing of almighty God go with them to Heaven!


Tadc son of Tomaltach Mac Diarmata was unfortunately killed at Kiltogher, by the cast of a javelin, and his slayer was never acknowledged.


Uaithne son of Gilla na Naem O hAinlige and Ruaidri son of Lochlainn O hAinlige fell at each others hands in one house in the residence of O Figne.


Hobert son of Laisech son of Rosa [O Fergail] was drowned at Bel an tSnama, between Cell an Ibair and Cuasan Ui Brain.


Richard son of Piers Dillon was killed by the Cenel Fiachach.