Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1434


1434 First of January on Friday and the twenty-third day of the moon, MCCCCXXXIV. dc. C.


Tomaltach O Gadra, lord of Coolavin, and his three young sons were treacherously killed by his own brothers on Inis Island. O Gadra did right valiantly, killing Magnus Dond O Gadra and Pilip son of Maelmiadach and half-killing two or three others.


Aed Buide and Diarmait, sons of Maelsechlainn O hAinlide, were killed by the sons of Lochlainn O hAinlide and the posterity of Imar O hAinlide.


Donnchad O Broin, king of the Ui Faelain, died. Emann O Broin succeeded him.


Rosa Mag Aengusa, eligible prince of Iveagh, died.


Ecnechan O Domnaill, eligible prince of Tir Conaill, was killed by the son of his own father, Donnchad of the Woods.


A victory by Cathal Mag Ragnaill over the posterity of Maelsechlainn Mag Ragnaill, in which were killed three sons of Mathgamain Mac Capa with their followers and Ardan son of Maine, son of Murchad Ban O Fergail and many others gentle and simple.


A very great frost this year, so that men and laden horses walked on the chief lakes of Ireland, and the people of Calad na hAngaile and the sons of Emann O Cellaig's son encountered and fought each other on Loch Ree, and a man dragged the great coffer from St. John's to Saints' Island. This frost lasted from the eve of St. Andrew the Apostle's day at the end of November till after the feast of Berach in spring, [during which time] the ground was not worked (?).