Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1424


1424 First of January on Saturday, MCCCCXXIV. Nineteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; second year of the Indiction; sixteenth of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year.


The Earl of March, Justiciar of Ireland and a great lord in England and-in Wales, died at Trim and his remains were taken to England.


Congalach O Brain, king of Brawnie, died at a good old age.


Tadc O Fallamain, chieftain of the Clann Uatach, was treacherously killed by Domnall Glas O Fallamain in his own castle. It was Seaan Mag Ragallaig who first struck him, with a wood-axe with which he was splitting sticks; and a well-qualified


son of this Tadc was banished and this Domnall was made chieftain. That was ‘a stone in place of an egg.’


Great war among the posterity of Murchad O Fergail. They devastated Cluain and Moybrawne; Cathal O Fergaii raided Rosa son of Murchad O Fergail, carrying off many cows, and John de la Hyde's castle was captured and demolished by Murchad son of Cairpre O Fergail.


Barry Castle was demolished by the Justiciar, acting by the guidance of Laigsech son of Rosa and Aed son of Brian O Cellaig, king of the Ui Maine; and Murchad son of Cairpre was plundered by them at Caill na Cuilindtraigi, and wounded. Callow was devastated between the combatants. Domnall son of Muirchertach O Fergail was captured by Hobert son of Domnall Caech O Fergail on Saints Island and handed over to Murchad son of Cairpre, and Hobert himself was killed, in making this capture, by an arrow shot by one of Domnall's followers.


Richard Mac David Burke, lord of Clanconway, died and was buried at Roscommon.


Ruaidri son of Toirrdelbach Donn O Conchobair, eligible prince of Connacht and a worthy [...]. . . . (?) for a king of Ireland, died and was buried in Roscommon in an ark made for him by his mother, Graine daughter of O Cellaig, wife of Tadc O Briain, king of Thomond.