Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1420


1420 First of January on Monday and the seventeenth day of the moon, MCCCCXX. Fifteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; thirteenth year of the Indiction; twelfth of the Solar Cycle. Common year. GF.


Cathal son of Tadc Mac Flannchaid, chieftain of Dartry, was treacherously killed by his own kinsmen, Tadc, Muiris and Enri, in his own house at the beginning of spring, and Aed Buide Mag Flannchaid was killed there too.


Bundrowes Castle was built by Brian O Conchobair, that is, the son of Domnall son of Muirchertach, this year. The whole army of Ulster came to hinder the building, but it was useless for them since they did not dare to pass westwards of the Urscathach that time.


A large army of the Cenel Conaill was lying about Assaroe Bay and O Domnaill's sons, Niall Garb and Domnall and Nechtain, went with some mounted men into Mag Ene, and the sons of Brian [O Conchobair] went with a mounted patrol to Ballyshannon. Fighting broke out between them, and the whole force of the Cenel Conaill fell upon the small party of Carbury horsemen and they were routed. Seoan son of Brian O Conchobair was killed there, and Aed Buide son of Tomaltach Mor Mac Donnchada, and Cathal son of Diarmait son of Cormac son of Ruaidri O Conchobair, and Aed son of Eogan O Dubda.


On hearing these bad tidings Brian O Conchobair and the men of Carbury marched to Mag Ene. Five nights later Eogan son of Domnall and Toirrdelbach Carrach son of Domnall went with a large body of horse beyond the falls of Assaroe to make a night-attack, while the sons of O Domnaill with their cavalry were at the shipping harbour beyond the falls. They engaged each other and the Tir Conaill cavalry was thrown into confusion.


Domnall O Domnaill, an eligible prince of the Cenel Conaill, was unhappily killed there, and others not enumerated here. Niall O Domnaill swam out into the harbour and got aboard a trading ship which lay there.


Tadc son of Fergal O hEgra, joint-king of Leyney, died.


Wolves killed many people this year.


The descendants of Sean O hEgra went on a hosting against the sons of the Eastern O hEgra, taking the sons of Mac Muiris na mBrig with them. They took large preys and killed some people.


Eogan son of Domnall O Conchobair was keeping a watch on his son-in-law, Seon Buide son of Tadc O hEgra, at that time. He followed up the raiders and overtook them and asked for the preys, in right of his safeguard and his friendship to them, but they refused. But by Heaven it had been better for them to give them up, for before long, they gave their heads and their spoils and their preys at once. Emann Mac Muiris was killed here, the choicest young noble of the Connacht Galls of his own time for form and feature, geniality and eloquence, bounty and bravery. Mac Muiris himself, that is Uilliam, was captured, and Seon son of Ricard Mac Muiris and Uilliam son of Seoan Oc o hEgra were killed, as well as many others gentle and simple.


Mac Muiris was then taken to Sligo. Eogan O Conchobair escorted Seoan Buide O hEgra under his own protection to O Ruairc, who escorted him to Mac Diarmata, who sent him with his drovers to Macwilliam Burke. Peace was then made between Muinter Egra, and Mac Muiris was allowed out with Brian O Conchobair without ransom.


Cathal son of Ruaidri O Conchobair, who had been held captive by William O Cellaig from the battle of Cell Achaid to the battle of Ath Lighi, and Donnchad O Cellaig, who was captured in the battle of Ath Ligen, were released in exchange for each other.


Eogan son of Ruaidri O Conchobair died on the twentyeighth of February by the day of the month, on Wednesday by the day of the week, and was buried at Clonmacnoise.


Mor daughter of O Duirnin, wife of Tomaltach O Birn, died on the fifteenth of May.


Ruaidri son of Muirchertach Ruad Mag Eochacain died in March.



Magnus son of Fedlimid grandson of Fedlimid of Athenry and his brother Domnall went to Odelb on St. Michael's day to fetch some armour which was in the church. Ruaidri son of Toirrdelbach Oc O Conchobair, the sons of Muirchertach son of Aed son of Cathal son of Aed Brefnech and Brian Mac Donnchada were in Baile Bec O Condicain waiting (?), saw them entering the town and made an onset on them. Domnall went into the church and was burned in it, and Magnus left the town eastwards and was afterwards killed at Bel Atha Tuilsci.


Domnall O Neill, king of Ulster, was in exile in Connacht this year, with Brian son of Domnall son of Muirchertach and the Clann Donnchada.


Granard Castle in Cairpri Gabra was taken by the Galls from Uilliam O Fergail. The Galls afterwards abandoned the castle and Uilliam demolished it for fear of their occupying it again.


Uilliam son of Maelsechlainn O Cellaig, first choice of the sons of kings in all Ireland, died after Unction and after repentance, adequate in the sight of God and the Catholic Church, for his sins and transgressions and was buried at Cell Conn. He died on the Thursday before Samain. A blessing on him.