Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1419


1419 First of January on Sunday and the sixth day of the moon, MCCCCXIX. Fourteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; twelfth year of the Indiction; eleventh year of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. A. This is the year of the hot summer.


Domnall O Neill, king of Ulster, was banished by Eogan O Neill and the Cenel Conaill and Brian Mag Mathgamna king of Oriel and the Fir Manach.



Brian O Conchobair and the whole of North Connacht made a great hosting, taking with them their drovers and many gallowglasses, and destroyed the whole of Tirhugh, its corn and hay and buildings, from Ath na nGall to Ballyshannon, and they burnt Murbach, O Domnaill's stronghold.


Murchad son of Brian O Flaithbertaig, king of West Connacht, died this year.


Thomas Baccach, son of the Earl of Ormond, went to England to help the King of England against the King of France, taking eighteen score men with red shields and eighteen score with pure white shields, noble Galls and Gaels; and not often has so numerous and so well-born a host embarked from England. They devastated much of the land of France and won great ascendency for the King of England. But as there is no pride that is not brought low, and no joy that does not end in sorrow, an attack of dangerous sickness came upon the Irishmen in the strange land and killed many of them, the Earl of Ormond's son himself dying of it. And a blue fly entered William Darcy's mouth, and afterwards his whole body swelled and he died thereof. Not often have the Galls suffered two greater losses than these, of Thomas Baccach Butler and William Darcy. The blessing of the learned go with them to their abodes of clay!


Calbach O Conchobair went to help the son of the Earl [of Ormond]'s son in the territory of the Butlers and was taken prisoner in his quarters, without the knowledge either of the Earl's grandson or of his own army, and locked up in a castle by the son of Libined de la Freyne; but he escaped through a window of the castle and rejoined his followers happily afterwards. May God bless him.


Feradach son of Tadc son of Domnall O Cellaig was killed this year by the son of Uilliam Oc O Cellaig.


Fercert O hUicinn, head of the family descended from Gilla na Naem O hUicinn, died.


Gilla Crist Caech O hAirt, most excellent of the young warriors of Ireland in his time, rested.


Donnchad Caemanach, king of Leinster, was captured by the Galls this year and afterwards carried to the King of England.


Tadc son of Brian O Birn died on the thirteenth of June this year.



Dauid son of Tanaide O Mailchonaire ollav of the Sil Muiredaig, died of the plague in his own house at Kilmore, after Unction and Penance, and was buried in the monastery of John Baptist at Trim, with much honour and state, in the autumn.


Lasarfina daughter of Aed O hAinlide, wife of Murchad son of Tomas O Birn, died on the third of June.


Cu Choicriche son of Niall O Mailmuaid died on the twenty-fifth of June.


There was much plague in England and in Ireland this year, and Causon is the place in which this plague was.


The summer and autumn very warm, so that men's eyes had never before beheld such burning heat. The waters, all but a few, ebbed away; the leaves and grass withered; openings appeared in the surface of the ground. Throughout this halfyear there was living fire in the earth, which continued to bear its fruits long afterwards, and there was a great yield of every fruit and crop this year.


A vast army was collected and assembled by the son of Maelsechlainn O Cellaig, that is Uilliam, to go to meet Raymond son of Hubert [Burke] with his drovers and bring him into Clanrickard, since Raymond had promised to come with him to make war on Clanrickard. Now these are the nobles and great lords who went on that hosting: Macwilliam Burke, that is Walter son of Thomas, his son-in-law (?); Donnchad O Cellaig, king of Ui Maine; Cathal Dub O Conchobair, eligible prince of Connacht; Tomaltach Mac Diarmata, eligible prince of Moylurg; two battalions of gallowglasses, namely the Clann Domnaill under Toirrdelbach Mac Domnaill and the Clann Dubgaill under Alexander Mac Dubgaill. These armies all proceeded southwestwards to Slieve Aughty. And Raymond son of Hubert did not come to join them as he had promised, so they began to fire and burn the country as they went, as far as Killogilleen and Bel Atha Lige. Here they were caught up by Macwilliam of Clanrickard, that is Ulick son of Richard, with his followers, and Tadc O Briain, Mathgamain O Briain, the Clann Cuilein, the sons of O hAnrathain's daughter with two


large battalions of foot, and Domnall Mac Suibne with his gallowglasses. The Connacht horsemen were hurled back towards their gallowglasses, but these held their ground and fought on. But they were not allowed a fighting chance, for the sons of O hAnrathain's daughter with their battalions of young troops were attacking them in the rear, while Domnall Mac Suibne with his battalions of gallowglasses was fighting them face to face, and this could not be borne.


However, that doughty champion never before overcome in battle or combat or onset, Alexander Mac Dubgaill, was killed there, with his followers and two sons; Toirrdelbach Mac Domnaill was captured and his son and most of his followers were killed; O Cellaig was captured; William Garb son of David son of Edmund son of Hoberd, lord of Clanconway, was also captured there, and two sons of Maine O Cellaig's son and Domnall Gerr, the son of Mac Domnaill, were killed, as well as many others gentle and simple.


Aed Buide O Ruairc, king of Brefne for a year and a half, died this year in his own stronghold after possessing his lordship. Tadc O Ruairc was made king in his stead by the Muinter Ruairc from Sliab an Iarainn westwards; and Art son of Tadc O Ruairc was made king from the mountain eastwards by the Muintet Raigillig, the Tellach Dunchada and the descendants of Maelsechlainn Mag Ragnaill; so that they disturbed the whole Garbtrian of Connacht at that time. The Muinter Raigillig came with Art O Ruairc and encamped in Cenel Luachain.


Tadc O Ruairc collected an army, whereupon the Muinter Raigillig returned to their homes and Art, deserted by his following, fled to a place of safety.


Tadc O Ruairc and the sons of Cathal Ruad Mag Ragnaill attacked the residence of Mac Senlaich at Carrigallen. They burned and sacked the town and killed a man in it and afterwards built the stronghold of Killtoghert.


Another strong attack was made by Tadc O Ruairc, Conchobar Mag Ragnaill, Cathal Mag Ragnaill and the Muinter Ruairc against Cill Deman, Mag Ragnaill's stronghold. They burned the town and wrought much destruction; a strong party of pursuers came up with them, but they came away by dint of great bravery. For two miles they were distressed and hard put to it, but they bore the brunt and left not a man behind. There is no telling how many were wounded on both sides. Two gentle well-born warriors of O Ruairc's followers died of their wounds, Flaithbertach son of Gilla Crist O Ruairc and Tigernan Oc son of Tigernan. Some of the Muinter Eolais themselves were killed on that day.


Donnchad son of Muirchertach Baccach son of Domnall O Conchobair died from a fall on the flagstone in front of Sligo castle, on the near side of the river, at the southern end of the bridge, at the cavalry sports on St. Mary's day in the beginning of autumn. That was the day on which the Sligo Indulgence was proclaimed, and Donnchad stood in need of his share of that Indulgence, for he only lived a week after breaking his leg that day.


Cathal son of Aed Mag Uidir, a good man for the kingship in Fermanagh and the man of his age who was of highest standing of all the northern part of Ireland, died this year. A blessing on him.


Fergal son of Cathal Ruad Mag Ragnaill, excellent son of a chieftain, died this year.


Ua Neill, Domnall mac Enri Amreid, was banished by all the Gaels of Ulster and conducted by them, under their own protection, into the territory of the Ulster Galls.


Gilla Crist Mag Flannchaid died after Unction and Penance.


Diarmait Ruad son of Toirrdelbach Oc O Conchobair died this year.


Enri Oc Mag Flannchaid died after Unction and Penance.


Mac Herbert, Muiris Baccach, was killed by the sons of Tomas son of Cathal O Fergail and his own kinsmen in treachery; and Domnall Finn Mac Herbert was killed with him and his wife, O Broin's daughter, was captured at the same time.


War broke out between the sons of Art O Mailsechlainn and the sons of Muirchertach Oc Mag Eochacain. Diarmait son of Art O Mailsechlainn made a night-attack on Baile in Scregin and was killed there that night by the pursuing-party, together with Brian son of Toirrdelbach son of Conchobar son of Cathal O Fergail and thirty-seven of their men. And this was a success with failure for the sons of Muirchertach in the end, for Diarmait son of Muirchertach Oc Mag Eochacain, a man amply qualified to be chieftain of the Cenel Fiachach, was killed at last by an arrow-shot by some man of the side which lost that battle.


Muiris O hAengusa, eligible for the chieftainship of the Clann Colcan, died this year.



Anabla daughter of Mac Jordan d'Exeter, John that is, and wife of Uilliam son of Maelsechlainn O Cellaig, died on the first day of the feast of Great Mary this year. After her death Uilliam married Mary Burke, and when he died she was married to the Earl of Desmond.


Derbail daughter of the Great Official Mac Muirchertaig, wife of O Dalaig of Meath, died of the plague at the feast of St. Martin.