Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1416


1416 First of January on Wednesday and the third day of the moon, MCCCCXVI. Eleventh year of the Lunar Cycle; ninth year of the Indiction; eighth year of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. ED.


Seoan Mac Goisdelb went a-raiding against Emann in Machaire (of the Plain) Mac Goisdelb and was killed by one of the pursuing party with an arrow-shot.



Graine daughter of Flaithbertach O Ruairc rested.


Muirgius O Coineoil, coarb of Drumcliff, was burned in his own house in a reaving fire.


The monastery of Sligo was rebuilt this year by Friar Brian, the son of Diarmait Mac Donnchada.


Tuathal O Maille, eligible prince of Umall, was killed by the sons of Dubgall O Maille his brother.


The Dean of Killala rested in Christ.


Tomas Mac ind Oclaig, erenagh of Killery and chief master of Law in Connacht, died after a victory of repentance.


Lucas O Trebair, erenagh of Killarga, rested in Christ.


Mac Jordan d'Exeter made an attack on the sons of Seoan O hEgra. O hEgra himself and Toirrdelbach Carrach son of Domnall son of Muirchertach O Conchobair and the cavalry of Carbury encountered the van of this army of Mac Jordan's and they killed O hEgra and wounded Toirrdelbach Carrach and killed Magnus son of Donnchad son of Muirchertach and the son of Aed son of Donnchad. After this Mac Jordan took the preys of the country. On the same day the people of the whole country gathered in pursuit and routed Mac Jordan and killed him. O Ruadain, Aed O Ruadain, two sons of Tomas son of Mailir and Mac Duarcain were also killed.


There was war between the Fir Manach and the Fir Brefne this year, with Cathal son of Aed O Ruairc on the side of the Fir Manach. A shattering defeat was inflicted on the followers of Aed Mag Uidir and Cathal O Ruairc by Tadc O Ruairc and by Domnall O Ruairc and nine others with him, and eleven horses were captured from them.


Another attack was made afterwards by Aed Buide O Ruairc and Tadc O Ruairc and Mac Caba on the Muinter Peotachain. The Fir Manach dwelling to the west of the Lake came upon them at Dogs, and Cathal and Eogan O Ruairc came upon them there as well, and O Ruairc's sons were in great distress until they reached their gallowglasses, who were waiting (?) to meet them. But when they reached them both parties turned upon the pursuers and killed Donnchad and Seoan, sons of Maelsechlainn son of Flaithbertach O Ruairc, and forty-eight of the Fir Manach with them.



Domnall son of Tigernan Mor O Ruairc died of the smallpox, and that was a terrible loss to the whole Garbtrian of Connacht.


Mac Feorais was captured by Edmund Burke this year.


Tadc Oc son of Tadc Ruad Mac Diarmata Gall, lord of Airtech, died between Michaelmas and Samain and was buried in the Friars' house at Roscommon. Muirgius Caecus assumed the lordship of Airtech in succession to Tadc Oc.


O Conchobair Failgi won a great victory over the Galls of Meath this year, whereby many prisoners, horses, suits of armour and arms were acquired. Many English came to help the Galls of Ireland.


The daughter of Muirchertach son of Cathal son of Aed Brefnech O Conchobair, wife of Ruaidri Mac Diarmata king of Moylurg, died this year.


War broke out among the Clann Donnchada this year, with Mac Donnchada and his sons and the sons of Cormac Mac Donachada on the one side and the sons of Tomaltach Mac Donnchada and of Maelruanaid Mac Donnchada on the other. They began by raiding each other, but this led to a worse thing, the killing of Muirchertach and Aed, sons of Maelruanaid Mac Donnchada, and Cormac Oc son of Cormac Mac Donnchada in this war.


Mac Cinatha of Trough, Niall son of Brian, was killed by the sons of Cu Ulad O Neill at Craeb Carthaind in Ui Trena.


Geroit Triel, son of Risderd, was killed.


Mac Murchada won a great victory over the Galls of County Wexford this year, in which they lost seventeen score killed and captured, and it is impossible to estimate or state the booty which was also taken from them.


Cu Meda son of Seaan Mag Con Mara, a good man for the chieftaincy of the Clann Cuilein, died.


The church on Church Island, Loch Gill, was burned this year and O Cuirnin's books, including the Lebar Gerr of the Muinter Cuirnin, and his splendid valuables, his ornamental cup, his timpe and his harp were burned in it.


The burning of Adam Lexid, Bishop of Ardagh, a Gall and an inhospitable friar, happened this same autumn, at Rathaspic; and Conchobar son of Fergal son of Cu Chonnacht O Fergail was chosen by the chapter of Ardagh and by the learned of Ireland afterwards, and the blessing of the learned go with him in his episcopate!



Cormac Dub son of Tadc son of Uilliam son of Conchobar Mac Branain was killed at Elphin, in the early morning of Saturday, the first of August. The attack was made by the sons of Conn son of Aed Mac Branain and Cormac was struck down by Murchad Buide and Brian Dubsuilech, sons of Airechtach Mac Branain, and they cut off the middle finger of the hand of Aed son of Conn son of Aed Mac Branain, who was holding Cormac by the hair; and none approves the manner of Cormac's slaying. He was buried at Roscommon.


Ardgal son of Brian Mor Mag Mathgamna, king of Oriel, died at the end of the first month of spring.


Gormlaith, daughter of Niall Mor O Neill and wife of Seaan O Domnaill, died this year.


Art Caemanach, king of Leinster, son of Art Caemanach son of Muirchertach Caemanach son of Muiris Caemanach, first choice of the Gaels of Ireland for bounty and valour, died, after a victory of repentance, in his own stronghold in the year of our Lord 1416.


Geroit Carrach son of Hubert Dalton was killed by Uilliam Cam son of Muirchertach Ruad Mac Eochacain's son with one cast of a bad javelin in the August of this year.


Aed son of Uilliam son of Aed O Birn, a brave young warrior, died on the thirty-first of July.


Sefraid son of Sefraid son of Diarmait O Flannacain was killed by the Clanconway in the Autumn, and they plundered him the same day in Cuil O Findtainn. And that was a grievous day for the whole Clann Chathail, when the man who fed and supported them, and was well qualified for the chieftainship, was taken from them. God bless him, etc.


The castle of Edenderry was razed by Furnival at the beginning of winter.


Furnival plundered the Clann Craith (the Magraths) this year, and his name was Loard.