Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1414


1414 First of January on Monday and the twenty-ninth day of the moon, MCCCCXIV. Ninth year of the Lunar Cycle; seventh year of the Indiction; sixth year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. G.


Art Caemanach, eligible prince of Leinster, died this year.


The sons of Enri O Neill made an attack on Eogan son of Niall Oc O Neill. They captured Eogan as security for O Neill who was in captivity at the time, and these were released in exchange for each other and O Neill was restored to his lordship.


Master O Mochain died this year.


Murchad O Conchobair, king of Offaly, and Fergal Ruad Mac Eochacain, chieftain of Kenaliagh, won a great victory over the Galls of Meath at Cell Echi. Here the Baron of Skreen was killed, and the Prior of St. Johns at Trim, with nine priests and many others gentle and simple. Here too were captured Dairdis Gandlige and people whose ransom amounted to two hundred marks, besides innumerable fines, and the son of the Baron of Slane, whose ransom, with the fines, amounted to fourteen hundred marks.


Aed son of Cathal O Conchobair died this year.


Conchobar son of Sefraid O Flannacain, a possible chieftain of the Clann Chathail, died on the sixth of the Kalends of November by the day of the solar month, the vigil of SS. Simon and Jude, Saturday by the day of the week, the sixth day before Samain.


Murchad son of Tomas O Birn, a very wealthy yeoman, died on the ninth of December.


Murchad O hAengusa, chieftain of the Clann Colcan, died in the month of August.


Great war between Mac Murchada and the Galls of County Wexford. Geralt Caemanach was captured in this war


and they burnt and plundered Idrone. Donnchad Caemanach routed them and took prisoners from them.


The Earl of Ormond came to Ireland, bringing the power of the King of England with him this year. And the Earl of Desmond came to Ireland, and many Englishmen came with him to devastate Meath.


Great plague in Meath and Leinster this year.


O hEitirsceoil Mor was craftily killed by the crew of a merchant ship.


Donnchad Mac Fir Bisig, prospective ollav of the Ui Fiachrach Muaide, died this year.


Mag Carthaig Cairprech, Domnall son of Domnall, died this year.


John Stanley, lieutenant of the King of England, came to Ireland this year to destroy the Gaels of Ireland. He was a man who granted no protection to cleric or laymen or to the poets of Ireland, for he plundered every one of its clerics any men of skill in every art on whom he laid hands and expose them to cold and beggary. He plundered Niall son of Aed O hUicinn in Usnagh of Meath, and Henry Dalton attacked the son of James Diuit and the King's followers and [took from them a cow for each cow and a horse for each horse and a sheep for each sheep and a pig for each pig [which Niall had lost] and gave them to the Ui hUicinn. They were then convoyed into Connacht. After this the Ui Uicinn made lampoons on John Stanley an~ he lived only five weeks till he died from the venom of th lampoons. Now this is one of two poet's miracles which were worked for Niall O hUicinn: the freezing to death of the Clanconway on the night after he was plundered in Clada, and the death of John Stanley from the venom of the lampoons.


Eochaid Mag Mathgamna, eligible prince of Oriel, was captured by Brian Mag Mathgamna.


Magnus son of Domnall, guest-house of the Ui Fiachrach Muaide, died at Roslee.


The Friars' monastery at Sligo was set on fire with a candle in the spring.


Maelruanaid son of Fergal Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg until he was deposed by the sons of Aed Mac Diarmata, died this year after a victory of repentance.


Feidlim O Cuinn, champion of all Ireland for joviality and good-fellowship and chieftain for nine years of the Muinter


Gillgain, died at the end of the first month of spring in his own house at Brenad, after a victory of repentance, and was buried at Abbeyderg.


Maelruanaid son of Tadc son of Aed Mac Diarmata was killed at Godelb in Mag Ai, in the middle of summer, by the Clann Donnchada, the sons of O Conchobair Donn and the sons of Fergal Mac Diarmata. He was buried in the monastery of Boyle.