Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1411


1411 First of January on Thursday and the twenty-sixth day of the moon, MCCCCXI. Sixth year of the Lunar Cycle; fourth year of the Indiction; third year of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. D.


Siban daughter of the Earl of Desmond, wife of Mag Carthaig Mor, died.


This is the right year for Feidlim Clerech and the son of Ruaidri Oc.


Domnall son of Conchobar Mor O Briain, eligible prince of Thomond, was killed by Barry More.


O Suillebain was blinded by his own kinsmen in treachery, and Conchobar son of Gilla Mochuta O Suillebain was killed by his own brother in treachery.


The monastery of Annadown was burned this year.


Domnall O Bechain, a master of History, died.


Diarmait son of Gilla Isa Mag Raith, ollav of Thomond in Poetry, died.


O Sadb daughter of Mac Murchada, wife of Mac Gilli Patraic, died.


Muirchertach son of Cu Ulad O Neill died.


Edmund Burke made an attack on the sons of Seoan O hEgra, burning much of the country. Art son of Muirchertach O hEgra was killed with an arrow that day.


Ben Muman, daughter of Aed O Conchobair and wife of Murchad son of Cormac Mac Donnchada, died.


Domnall son of Cathal son of Aed O Ruairc died this year.


Taichlech Buide son of Sean O hEgra died.


Mac Domnaill of Scotland won a great victory over the Galls of Scotland. Mac Gilla Eoin, one of Mac Domnaill's followers, was killed in the resistance of the vanquished.


The Earl of Desmond was banished by James son of Gerald, his brother.


The Sheriff of Meath was captured by O Conchobair Failgi this year and a large ransom was exacted for him afterwards.


O Suillebain Mor was captured and his son killed treacherously by Domnall Dub O Suillebain.


Caech na Mocherge (Early-rising Blind-eye) son of Tadc son of Diarmait Mag Carthaig was killed in treachery by Feidlim son of Diarmait Mag Carthaig.


Mag Carthaig Mor was banished by O Suillebain this year.


Fergal Mac Magnusa, lord of Tir Thuathail, and Aed his son were treacherously killed by the sons of Ruaidri Mac Magnusa, Eogan and Muirchertach Cam, and Eogan was afterwards made lord over Tir Thuathail.


Cathal O Cuirnin, prospective ollav of Brefne, rested.


Magnus son of Baethgalach Mac Aedacain, prior of Sligo, died.


The Holy Cross at Raphoe shed blood from the Wounds this year and performed many miracles, checking sicknesses and many ills.



Maelmorda O Raigillig, king of the Muinter Mailmorda, died.


Cu Chonnacht Ruad son of Pilip son of Brian Mor Mag Mathgamna was killed by the sons of Sean Balb son of Brian Mor Mag Mathgamna in the Spring of this year at Lurgan.


Robert Muntan, Bishop of Meath, rested in Christ.


The battle of Bel na Muilled was won by Conchobar son of Sean Mac Branain over the descendants of Conchobar Mac Branain, the summer after [the death of] Tadc Mac Branain, when two lords had been proclaimed: Conn son of Aed and Conchobar son of Sean son of Echmarcach. Here were slain Conn and Maine sons of Aed son of Conchobar Mac Branain, Uilliam Finn son of Conn and others, on a Monday according to the day of the week. Conn was carried severely wounded to Grencha, and I do not know the manner of his death afterwards, and they buried him in the monastery of the friars at Roscommon. These great deeds were done a month before Lammas, and the chieftainship remained with Conchobar afterwards.


Caitilin, daughter of Tomaltach O Fergail and wife of Maelsechlainn Mor Mag Eochacain, entered into rest in the December of this year.


Ben Muman daughter of Aed son of Feidlimid O Conchobair, Lady of Clanconway during the reign of three lords, died.


Muirchertach Midech son of Brian O Fergail, lord of Callow, a man who was never put to shame, rested in Christ.