Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1410


1410 First of January on Wednesday and the fifteenth day of the moon, A.D. MCCCCX. Fifth year of the Lunar Cycle; third year of the Indiction; second year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. E.


Ragnall Mag Ragnaill, chieftain of the Muinter Eolais, died after Unction and Penance. Cumscrach Mag Ragnaill, who was proclaimed Mag Ragnaill in his stead, died within a fortnight of his assumption of the chieftainship. This was ‘a fall in the doorway of the assembly.’


Fedlim Clerech son of Aed son of Fedlim O Conchobair died a fortnight before the festival of Bridget this year.


The son of Ruaidri Oc O Conchobair died this year; and Tadc Carrach son of Toirrdelbach Donn O Conchobair died this year too.


Maelsechlainn son of Eogan O Ruairc was killed by the Cenel Conaill, and afterwards Dun Castle was broken by the men of Carbury and Brefne.


Domnall O Flaithbertaig, king of West Connacht, was craftily killed by Gilla Dub O Flaithbertaig.


Domnall O Neill, king of Ulster, was outrageously captured by Brian Mag Mathgamna.


Tomas son of Maelmuire Mag Raith, ollav of Thomond, died.


Donnchad O Duirnin died.


Sadb daughter of Conchobar O Briain, wife of Walter Burke, died.


Domnall son of Cormac O hEgra, eligible prince of Leyney, died.


Cormac Oc Mag Carthaig died while held in fetters by Mag Carthaig Mor.


A loss greater than all losses was suffered at the end of this year, a fortnight after the feast of Michael. Tadc O Cellaig, king of the Ui Maine, the most bountiful giver of all the Gaels of Ireland and Scotland in his time, died after a victory of Unction and Penance, and may God have mercy on his soul for ever and ever.



Edmund son of Ulick [Burke] died in the Summer, before Tadc O Cellaig, and Tadc son of Uilliam son of Conchobar Mac Branain, chieftain for nine years of the Corca Achlann, died on the day of Samain after Tadc O Cellaig, in his own house at Kilmore in Cloonshannagh after Unction and due repentance to God for his sin and transgression, and was buried in the monastery of Roscommon in the resting-place of his grandfather and father.


Eogan son of Murchad O Matadain, king of the Sil nAnmchada, and Cobthach O Matadain, prospective king and bishop, died.


Donnchad O Cellaig, son of Maelsechlainn, was made king after Tadc.


The sons of O Conchobair Donn [took] five hundred cows belonging to the people of O Conchobair Ruad from Rathbrennan just before Samain this year.


Muirchertach O Dimusaig died this year.


Toirrdelbach and Tadc, sons of O Mailmuaid, and Domnall son of Hoibicin O Mailmuaid's son, were killed by the Clann Mailugra on the twenty-seventh of July, according to the day of the solar month, and on a Sunday according to the day of the week.


Murchad O Flaithbertaig was made king after the slaying of Domnall O Flaithbertaig by the Gilla Dub.


Uilliam O Tomaltaig, prior of a house in Athlone, rested.


Maelsechlainn Mor son of Fergal son of Fergal son of Muirchertach Mor Mag Eochacain, chieftain of the Cenel Fiachach, died in the December of this year.


Morianus son of Tadc O Birn was drowned on the eighteenth of September. Paitin wrote this.