Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1409


1409 First of January on Tuesday and the fourth day of the moon, MCCCCIX. Fourth year of the Lunar Cycle; second of the Indiction; first year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. F.


Leprosy attacked the King of England and the report came to Ireland. Thomas the King's son left Ireland at the report concerning his father, after liberating the Earl of Kildare from his fetters.



Maelsechlainn son of Brian Mag Tigernain died this year.


Maelsechlainn Mor Mag Eochacain was made ex-chieftain and Fergal son of Fergal Ruad son of Donnchad Mag Eochacain succeeded to his place.


Richard Burke's leg was broken by a dog that was running, and he unhappily died of it.


The Belleek raid, made by Tigernan O Ruairc on O Domnaill and on Cathal and Eogan O Ruairc. O Domnaill and the Cenel Conaill were encamped on the further side of the rapids and Cathal and Eogan on this side of them, and he carried off the prey from both parties.


Brian son of Domnall son of Muirchertach O Domnaill, Conchobar Mac Donnchada, king of Tirerrill, and the sons of Tigernan O Ruairc went on a hosting this year; and in spite of all the men of Connacht south of the Curlieus, who had assembled horse and foot and gallowglasses to oppose them, they placed stores and food in the castle of Roscommon. This was on the Monday after the feast of the Archangel Michael. Now the folk from the country north of the Curlieus expected that the men of Clanrickard would be with them in provisioning the castle, but they were not; only Macwilliam with a small body of horse came as far as Ballintober to meet them. Here they came near to flinching, since the Clanrickard had not sent the army they had promised, but Mac Donnchada said he would never withdraw till he either perished or provisioned the castle, and he bade Macwilliam remain where he was, seeing that he was not strong enough to fight or tackle the Connachtmen. ‘And,’ said he, ‘if I am killed, I should like you to be alive to nourish my children.’ Thereupon he led the way, nor did he pause in that forward rush till he reached Roscommon, and they provisioned the castle, losing only one warrior, and his body they brought away with them. And seldom has an expedition been made in Ireland, bolder and braver than this.


The Muinter Cuirnin were killing each other this year. Seoan and Conla were killed by Diarmait son of Muirchertach O Cuirnin in the house of O Duibgennain of Castle Fore; and this Diarmait went into the house of Conchobar Crom son of Tadc O Conchobair, his lord and own foster-brother, and Conchobar arrested him in his own house and delivered him up to the Muinter Ruairc and the Muinter Cuirnin. He was kept more than a fortnight in captivity and was killed in the end by Seaan O Cuirnin.



Cathal Mac Donnchada died on the eighteenth of September, and I am not sure that this is not the year at which Conchobar son of Imar O hAinlide ought to be entered.


Muirchertach Mac Aedacain, law-ollave of Teffia, died.