Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1407


1407 First of January on Saturday and the twelfth day of the moon, MCCCCVII. Second year of the Lunar Cycle; fifteenth of the Indiction; twenty-seventh of the Solar Cycle. Common year. B.


Cathal son of O Conchobair Failgi was killed by the Clann Feorais on the ninth of the Calends of March according to the day of the solar month, and on a Monday according to the day of the week, that is, on the twenty-first day of Spring, at the end of a year in the Cycle of the Lord but at the beginning of a year of the Decemnovennial Cycle, so that the dating is VI. according to the Cycles of the Lord and VII. by the Decemnovennial Cycle.


Seoan son of Tadc O Ruairc, eligible prince of Brefne, died in Moylurg and was buried at Drumlane this year.


The son of Tadc son of Mathgamain Donn O Cennetig, lord of Upper Ormond, was killed by O Cerbaill.


A great victory by the Galls and Scrope over the Gaels of Munster, wherein Tadc O Cerbaill, king of Ely, was slain. This Tadc was a general protector to the poets of Ireland and Scotland and may God have mercy on his soul.


Muirchertach O Cellaig, Archbishop of Connacht, eminent in all Ireland for wisdom, charity and humanity, rested in Christ at Tuaim at the feast of Michael.



A victory by O Conchobair Ruad and O Cellaig, in which some of the Clann Sithig were killed; I do not know their names.


This year the battle of Cell Achaid was won by O Conchobair Ruad, the sons of Maelsechlainn O Cellaig and Ruaidri Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, over Macwilliam of Clanrickard and Cathal son of Ruaidri O Conchobair, on whom the title of king had been conferred after O Conchobair Donn had been killed by Cathal Dub son of O Conchobair Ruad. Clanrickard and Cathal son of Ruaidri were routed and Cathal son of Ruaidri and William Burke were captured, and many others were killed and captured. These great deeds were done about the feast of John Baptist.


Before this, Tulsk castle was destroyed by Brian son of Domnall son of Muirchertach O Conchobair and the Clann Donnchada, and they placed Cathal son of Ruaidri on Carn Fraich.


Conmac O Fergail died an untimely death.


Eogan son of Cathal son of Aed Brefnech son of Cathal Ruad O Conchobair died and was buried in the monastery of Boyle this year.


Adam Mac Muire, king of Iveagh, was killed by Aed Mag Aengusa and Senicoc.


Maelmorda O Dimusaig, king of Clann Mailugra, died this year.


Seoan son of Cathal Mac Ceithernaig died.


The death of Lochlainn son of Domnall at the hands of Feidlimid son of Ruaidri O Conchobair.


The son of Uilliam Oc O Cellaig and the son of Mathgamain O Nechtain were craftily slain by Feradach O Cellaig.


Very bad weather and much loss of cattle this year.