Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1406


1406 First of January on Friday and the first day of the moon, MCCCCVI. First year of the Lunar Cycle; fourteenth of the Indiction; twenty-sixth of the Solar Cycle. Common year. C.



Laigsech O Nuallain, eligible prince of Forth, Aed O Tuathail, eligible prince of the Ui Mail, Bran O Broin, eligible prince of the Ui Faelain, and Domnall son of Tomas Mac Murchada died of the plague this year.


Maelruanaid son of Tadc Mac Donnchada, king of Tirerrill, died in his own house after a victory of Unction and Penance and was buried in the monastery of Boyle this year.


Murchad O Conchobair, king of Offaly, with his sons and family, and with Cathal Dub and Tadc, two sons of the king of Connacht, and a few of their mounted men (for these two princes were then on a visit to O Conchobair in Offaly) inflicted a very heavy defeat on the Meath Galls and on Eogan son of the Abbot O Conchobair with the hired troops of Connacht. These two armies both went into Upper Geashill, and the Abbots' son proceeded with his own force to Cluain Immorrais, to the house of Gilla Buide Mac Maelcorra; and on my word it would have been better for them if they had not. For there Calbach the son of Murchad O Conchobair and Cathal [Dub] O Conchobair with six horsemen came upon them, and Gilla Buide, seeing Calbach's cauldron, which he had borrowed for making ale, on the back of a youth of the army, said: ‘I give you notice of your cauldron, Calbach!’ ‘I accept it!’ said Calbach. One of the pursuers threw a stone with sure aim, so that it struck the bottom of the cauldron, and this caused the army to take to flight. Not only was the Abbot's son killed on the moor to the north of that house, but their loss in men was not less than three hundred between that spot and Cloonany in Crinegedach, as we hear it generally reported. For this slaughtering was kept up from Cluain Immorrais to Cloonany and the most valued relic of all Connacht was taken from them that day, the ‘Buacach’ of Patrick which used to be at Elphin. On the sixth of the Ides of July according to the day of the solar month, and on a Saturday according to the day of the week these things were done, that is to say, on the tenth day of the month of July.


Tadc son of Donnchad O Birn, chieftain of Tir Briuin na Sinna, died on the fourth of the Ides of November, according to the day of the solar month, and on a Wednesday according to the day of the week, that is, the day before the feast of St. Martin.


Toirrdelbach Oc son of Aed son of Toirrdelbach, king of Connacht for twenty-two years in joint sovranty with O Conchobair Ruad, was killed by Cathal Dub son of O Conchobair


Ruad and by Seaan, the son of Edmund son of Hobert son of Sir David Burke and Ben Muman daughter of [Aed] mac Feidlimid [O Conchobair], and by Diarmait O Tanaiden, who was boldly repaid for this crime, in the house of Richard son of Seaan Buide son of Edmund son of Hobert, at Crecan by Fidicen in Clan Conway. Now this is one of the three kings of Connacht who were killed in Clan Conway: Conchobar Maenmaige son of Ruaidri son of Toirrdelbach Mor, and Ruaidri son of Cathal Ruad son of Conchobar Ruad son of Muirchertach Muimnech son of Toirrdelbach Mor King of Ireland, and Toirrdelbach Oc son of Aed son of Toirrdelbach Oc, as we have already said. [He was killed] on the fifth of the Ides of December according to the day of the solar month, on a Thursday according to the [day of the] week, that is, the sixteenth day before the feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ.