Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1405


1405 First of January on Thursday and the twentieth day of the moon, MCCCCV. Nineteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; thirteenth of the Indiction; twenty-fifth of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. D. Last year of the Hendecad.


Death of Fergal son of Cormac Mac Donnchada, eligible prince of the Ui Ailella, this year.



Richard Butler, known as ‘Hard-foot,’ was killed by the son of Fachtna O Morda.


Mac Murchada waged a great war with the Galls, which resulted in the ravaging and burning of County Wexford. Carlow and Tristledermot were burned too.


Cathal son of Dond Mag Samradain died this year.


Donnchad the Crooked O Lochlainn, king of Corcumroe, was killed by the sons of Maelsechlainn O Lochlainn in retribution for their father.


Risderd Mag Ragnaill, eligible for the chieftainship of the Muinter Eolais, entered into rest after drinking ‘water of life’ to excess; it was deathly water to him.


Diarmait son of Donnchad O Conchobair Ciarraige was killed by Fitz Maurice of Kerry.


Domnall Oc O Ruairc died.


Miles Dalton was slain by the Dalton and the sons of Hubert Dalton.


Newcastle was demolished by the Ui Broin this year.


The daughter of Domnall O Briain, wife of Pilip son of Mathgamain Donn O Cennetig, died.


Gilla na Naem son of Ruaidri O Cianain, ollav in History to the Fir Manach, died suddenly in the house of Nede O Mailchonaire's son in Cairpre Gabra. He was buried in the monastery of Lara.


Muirchertach O Duibginnain rested.


Tadc Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, made the Airtech expedition to demand the dues of his lordship from the descendants of Conchobar son of Taichlech and from the people of Airtech at large, as has always been the right of a man holding his position. And at Loch Labain in Airtech Mac Diarmata was hard put to it by O Conchobair Donn, the posterity of Muirchertach Muimnech O Conchobair, the sons of Fergal Mac Diarmata, the people of Airtech themselves, the Clann Ceithernaig and the Clann Conchobair. When this excessive body of foes found Mac Diarmata at a disadvantage they made a headlong rush at him, being two or three times as strong as he. They attacked him on two sides (?) and the drovers of O Conchobair, afoot and mounted, charged against him, and each party shot off the volley which was ready in their bows. But Mac Diarmata, with the support of Donnchad Mac Domnaill his constable, Lochlainn Colach Mac Caba and all the new levies of Moylurg, defeated this mingled host of enemies at the beginning


of the day and his men made great slaughter of the rabble. Yet at the end this was a success with failure for Mac Diarmata's people. For some man of the opposing (?) battle sent a woful arrow-shot among the mighty mass of the nobles of the host who were protecting their prince and guarding him from the harm of the slaying; and this arrow passed by the worthless rabble-rout and mean folk and the chief champions of the fight entirely, but the [? point of] the black infernal dart pierced the nape of the prince in sight of all. However, after this irreparable loss, this immitigable misfortune to the free peoples of Sliab Segsa and the warriors of Cnoc in Scail and Tulchan Mailruanaid Moir, which everyone now calls [ [...]. . . ], as the poet Mac Coissi says: ‘Cnoc in Scail was its name at first, from the time of Nera it was his dwelling; the Mound of Maelruanaid of the spearpoints shall be its name until the end of time,’ they departed from the country and came to their homes. Tadc was taken to be buried in the tomb of his ancestors, and after the burial of Tadc they made Ruaidri son of Aed Mac Diarmata king, and on my word this was not ‘a stone for an egg.’ This great killing was done on the feast of Crosses, as the chronicler tells us.


Magnus son of Aed O hUicinn died.


Aed O hAinlide, chieftain of Cenel Dofa, rested in Christ on the seventeenth of July and was buried at Clooncorpey on the bank of the Shannon, under the protection of Berach.


Mor daughter of Gafraid O Raigillig's son rested in Christ on the twenty-eighth of February.


Johannes son of Maelmartain, vicar of Templehouse, died on the twenty-fifth of February.


Aine daughter of Brian Mag Tigernain rested on the fourteenth of April.