Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1401


1401 First of January on Saturday and the sixth day of the moon, MCCCCI. Fifteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; ninth of the Indiction; twenty-first of the Solar Cycle.


Maelsechlainn O Cellaig, king of the Ui Maine, a man full of bounty and valour and the qualities of lordship, died after vanquishing the world and the Devil.


Thomas son of Edmund Albanach, Macwilliam Burke, lord of the Galls of Connacht and a good part of its Gaels, died this year.


Conchobar O Mailsechlainn, king de jure of Meath, died on the thirtieth of March, making a good end, at Lehinch in Moyelly.


Muirchertach Oc son of Muirchertach Mor Mag Eochacain, was killed on the fifth of October at Bel Atha Imper, with one cast of a spear, by Geroit son of Robert Dalton in a night-combat, after he had sent his followers away to make an attack on Brenad in Muinter Gillgain.


Domnall son of Teboit O Mailmuaid, eligible prince of the Fir Cell, was killed by the Galls in Alma of Leinster on the fourteenth of May.


Gilla na Naem Mac Aedacain, judge-ollav of the Ui Failgi and the Cenel Fiachach, rested.


Teboit Buide O Mailmuaid was killed at Kilcumreragh on the twenty-ninth of September by the sons of Art O Mailsechlainn.


Cathal Ruad Mag Ragnaill, chieftain of the Muinter Eolais, was killed at Drumcoorha by Sefraid son of Maelsechlainn Mag Ragnaill at the end of the first month of Spring, namely on the third of March. Maelruanaid son of Cathal Ruad Mag Ragnaill was killed in the same year by the sons of Maelsechlainn Mag Ragnaill on the track of their prey.


Two Macwilliams were made this year, after the death of Thomas Burke. One of these was Ulick son of Richard Oc and the other was Walter son of Thomas Burke, and they acknowledged the Macwilliam of Clanrickard on the ground of seniority.


Conchobar Anabaid (the Unripe or Premature) O Cellaig was made king in succession to his father.



Domnall O Maille, king of the Owles of Mayo, died this year.


Cormac son of Diarmait Mac Branain was treacherously killed by Conchobar son of Sean Mac Branain.


Enormous destruction was wrought by Art son of Art [Mac Murchada], king of Leinster, in County Wexford. The Galls of Dublin did as much for the Gaels of Leinster, and many of the hired Munster troops were killed, including Tadc O Mechair.


A great plague in Conmaicne Cuile and Clanrickard.


Philip de Vale died of this plague.


Ulick son of Richard of Clanrickard was drowned in Turlach Mor of the Ui Fiachrach [Aidne] this year.


The death of O Flannacain of Ely this year.


Failgi son of Eogan O Conchobair Failgi was killed by one successful shot of a short arrow this year.


Uilliam Oc O hUicinn was killed by the sons of Cathal na mBanfigech (C. of the weaving-women) Mag Flannchaid between two rivers this year.


Mac Gilla Brigde of Mag was killed by a fall.


Raids were made by the sons of Domnall son of Muirchertach O Conchobair on Mac Diarmata this year.


The Rock of Loch Key was taken by the sons of Fergal Mac Diarmata. Many people were killed and drowned around it, and its garrison surrendered it for a reward.


Feidlimid son of Cathal Oc O Conchobair was killed by O Conchobair Donn's son.


The attack on Cavan was delivered by the sons of O Ruairc, that is Tigernan Oc and Aed Buide and Tadc, and the sons of Mag Samradain, against Maelmorda O Raigillig, while the Muinter Mailmorda were encamped in their rear. It is hard to estimate the destruction wrought there, of people and goods. Twenty suits of armour were burned there, as well as Mac in Biataigh, who came to the help of the Muinter Raigillig. Two score horses were taken from them as well.


Terrible war arose between Toirrdelbach son of Niall Garb son of Aed O Domnaill and the prospective king of Tir Eogain, namely Brian son of Enri Aimreid O Neill. Brian attacked the camp of the Clann Dalaig and Toirrdelbach son of Niall Garb, lord of Tir Conaill, ill-advisedly and overweeningly, and in his


strength and boldness inflicted a shattering rout on them at the beginning of the day. But ‘no wrong goes unpunished and no deed unavenged,’ and even so these deeds did not go without the swift vengeance of the Cenel Conaill. For this was the outcome of these deeds for them: O Neill's son was left at the end of the day with a few followers, guarding the rear of a prey which he had taken from Enri O Gairmlegaid, and these preys were taken from him by the Cenel Moan—though he was a success with failure for the Cenel Moan, since he killed the son of O Gairmlegaid with one sword-stroke; and after this the Cenel Conaill all closed round him and the slaying of this stout warrior was Toirrdelbach O Domnaill's to boast. Niall son of Niall Garb O Domnaill and Maelsechlainn son of Flaithbertach O Ruairc were killed by the Cenel Eogain in the early part of the day, and [the Cenel Conaill side] lost many another besides these; but they cannot all be enumerated, for fear of becoming tedious.