Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1398


1398 On the third of October. (?)


Niall Oc O Neill, high-king of Conchobar's Province, led


a great army into the Land of Conall Gulban son of Niall. His raiding-parties reached the Mound of Aed above the Waterfall of Ruad son of Badurn and they robbed the monastery of Assaroe of all its treasure this time. Some of O Domnaill's men engaged the army and killed and wounded some of them. Aed son of Fergal Ruad's son was captured by the men of Tir Eogain, who returned home safely.


An army was led by Thomas Burke, lord of the Galls of Connacht, and Toirrdelbach Ruad O Conchobair, lord of the Gaels of Connacht, Feidlim son of Cathal Oc O Conchobair and his brothers, Ruaidri O Dubda and his brothers and Tadc O hEgra with his levies and his brothers, into Tirerrill. They ruined the whole country, grass and corn, lake, church, stronghold, mountain and moor, et reliqua.


Conchobar Oc son of Aed Mac Diarmata and his brothers came into Moylurg. That night Maelruanaid Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, went to the monastery of Boyle and transferred all the food he found there to the Rock of Loch Key. Conchobar and his men came upon the track of that party and followed the track to Aughrim in Tirarune and burned the church over their heads. Conchobar son of Fergal Mac Diarmata was killed there and Maelruanaid Mac Diarmata was captured and many of his followers killed, and their horses and armour were taken from them.


Muirchertach son of Domnall O Conchobair made a hosting against O Domnaill in the Land of Aed Ruad son of Badurn. They took no booty, and so turned back. Aed O Duirnin followed them up and began skirmishing with them at Ballyshannon; his horse was wounded and he fell from it and the main body of the army closed round him and he was killed by the Clann Donnchada. Sean son of Muiredach Ruad was also killed in this pursuit.


Loch Farbach was captured by Ruaidri son of Aed Mac Diarmata, eligible prince of Moylurg, and it was impossible to count up the amount of booty which was found on it.


Morchad Ban son of Sean son of Domnall O Fergail, the best son of a king-chieftain of his time in Ireland, died a month before Great Christmas—a death of anointing with oil and repentance— and was buried in the monastery of Lara in the resting-place of his father and grandfather.



Maurice son of Piers Dalton was killed by Muirchertach Oc Mac Eochacain and Brian son of O Conchobair Failgi.


Glendalough was burned by Englishmen and Irish Galls again this summer.


Domnall O Nuallain was killed by the Galls this year.


O Brian the Bald died.


Pilip son of Mathgamain Donn O Cennetig died.


Semus son of Emann O Cennetig died.


The son of Diarmait Serb (the Bitter) O Brain died.


Walter son of David Burke was killed by the Munster Galls.


Geralt O Broin, king of the Ui Faelain, rested.


Maelsechlainn O Morda, king of Laigis, died.


Tomas son of Cathal son of Murchad O Fergail was killed by the Meath Galls at Killeen. This Tomas attained the lordship of Annaly in opposition to Seoan son of Brian son of Murchad, although it is not right to oppose a good senior kinsman.


Mag Carthaig Cairprech won a great victory over the Ui Suillebain, in which were killed O Suillebain Mael, two sons of O Suillebain Mor, namely Eogan and Conchobar, the son of O Suillebain Buide and many others.


Muirchertach Oc Mag Aengusa was killed by his own kinsmen.


A great attack was made by Macwilliam Burke and the sons of Cathal Oc [O Conchobair] on Sligo. They burnt and completely sacked the town.


Cing Risderd, King of England, came to Ireland this year and Art Mac Murchada, king of Leinster, was greatly weakened by the King and the rest of the English.


Mac Murchada made an expedition, and the Galls of Leinster and Meath and a large body of the English army came up with him. Mac Murchada's hired troops were slaughtered, including Cerball and Eogan sons of Donnchad O Duinn together with the chief of their followers; and Uilliam son of Cerball Mac Gilla Patraic and the son of Diarmait Ruad Mac Gilla Patraic were also killed there.


An army was led by O Conchobair Ruad and Conchobar Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, into Tirerrill. Their foraying-parties reached Moytirra of the Fomorians, took great preys and brought them away towards Coillte Conchobair; and their


hired troops and young levies went off with their booty and O Conchobair, Mac Diarmata and Somairle Buide son of Marcus Mac Domnaill, Mac Diarmata's constable, deserted by their own men, were left with but a small following. Muirchertach son of Domnall [O Conchobair] and Maelruanaid Mac Donnchada, king of Tirerrill, each with his following, came upon them in Cnoc in Chroma and routed them there; Somairle Buide and his people were killed there, and on this expedition O Conchobair's right hand was severely wounded by a lucky shot.


The son of Muiris Buide O Morda, lord of Slievemargie, bridge of the poets and exiles of Ireland, died.


Art the Crooked O Faelain rested.


The daughter of Brian O Fergail, wife of Sinnach, rested.


Findguala daughter of Cathal O Matadain, died.


A great plague this year.