Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1393


1393 First of January on Wednesday and the eighth day of the moon, MCCCXCIII. Seventh year of the Lunar Cycle; first year of the Indiction; thirteenth year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. E.


Aed son of Conchobar Mac Diarmata, king of Moylurg, a man full of every good quality, died after a victory of repentance; and afterwards his son Cathal was drowned in Loch Dorri.


Emann son of Maelsechlainn Mag Ragnaill, prospective chieftain of the Muinter Eolais, died.


Maelruanaid son of Fergal Mac Diarmata was made king of Moylurg through the power of Tomaltach Mac Donnchada. [The new] Mac Diarmata was attacked in Cloonagunnane in the Callow of Loch Gara by the sons of Aed Mac Diarmata. A battle was fought between them, in which the sons of Aed were defeated; and here Domnall Dub Mac Diarmata was slain and Conchobar Mac Diarmata and his brother were captured. Fergal son of Donnchad Riabach was captured and escaped afterwards. Many other prisoners were taken.


Brian O Cellaig, eligible prince of Ui Maine, died in this same spring.


Fergal Mag Samradain, chieftain of Tullyhaw, a man who was lauded jointly by the poets and satirists of Ireland, [died] between Easter and Mayday.


Seaan son of Sefraid O Raigillig, Bishop of Brefne, rested in Christ.


This summer the people of Moylurg made peace on the subjects of division of territory and exchange of captives.


Ragnailt daughter of [Aed] son of Feidlim O Conchobair rested.


Dub Dara O Maille died.


Magnus O hEgra, eligible prince of Leyney, died.


The son of Emann O Cellaig rested.


Muiris the Crooked, son of Ruaidri Mag Eochacain, died in November, and Brian son of Uilliam Oc Mag Eochacain died on the second of October.[...]