Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1392


1392 First of January on Monday and the twenty-seventh day of the moon, MCCCXCII. Sixth year of the Lunar Cycle; fifteenth year of the Indiction; twelfth year of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. GF.


The Archbishop of Connacht, Grigair O Mochain, eminent for his piety and learning, rested in Christ.


Enri, ‘the Quarrelsome’ per antiphrasim, son of Niall Mor O Neill, eligible prince of Ireland de jure and undoubtedly destined to be king of Ulster if he had lived, the man who of all the descendants of Niall son of Eochu Muigmedoin was the most generous of rewards and presents, and at another time the most marvellously and extravagantly bountiful, died a good death at the feast of St. Brenainn.


The Countess of Desmond, daughter of the Earl of Ormond, a charitable, hospitable woman, rested.


Donnchad O Dimusaig rested.


O Conchobair Donn with most of the Connachta marched with a large army into Ui Maine and burnt the country. Cathal son of Aed O Ruairc was left, in the confusion, alone at the rear of the host and was captured by O Conchobair Ruad, and a few of their people were killed.


Domnall son of Enri O Neill was captured by Toirrdelbach O Domnaill, and on that same day huge depredations and slaughterings were done against Enri's son.


A great army was led by O Neill against the Galls of Dundalk, and Sefin Fait was killed then.


Toirrdelbach son of Brian O Cuanach died.


Findguala daughter of Magnus son of Cathal O Conchobair rested.


Ruaidri son of Donnchad O Cerbaill, eligible prince of Ely, rested.


Etain daughter of Sefraid O Flannacain, wife of Uilliam Mac Branain, entered into rest at the Feast of Crosses.