Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1391


1391 First of January on Sunday and the sixteenth day of the moon, MCCCXCI. Fifth year of the Lunar Cycle; fourteenth year of the Indiction; eleventh year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. A.


Diarmait son of Donnchad son of Muirchertach Mor Mac Eochacain, chieftain of Kenaliagh, rested on the twelfth of January.


O Ruairc and O Raigillig made a peace and O Ruairc went to meet O Raigillig at Drumlane, accompanied by a few of his own household. Sixty-five of the Clan Murtagh lay in wait for him at a pass, and when he entered it Sean Mor son of Mac na Banfigide, came against him and thrust at him with a spear. O Ruairc retaliated and reposted keenly and quickly, killing him with a single spear-thrust. Another thrust he gave to Donnchad son of Aed an Chleitig, killing him too, and he also exultantly killed Tomas O Gaithin and came away safely with his followers, having the deaths of four of the band to his credit.


Domnall Mag Carthaig, king of Desmond, died after repentance.


Mac Gilla Muire, king of the Ui Derca Cein, was killed by his own people.



O hAnluain, king of Orier, was treacherously killed by his own kinsmen.


Tadc, son of Gilla Coluim O hUicinn and Be Binn daughter of O Mailchonaire, a worthy ollav and a charitable, died after great repentance.