Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1390


1390 First of January on Saturday and the fifth day of the moon, MCCCXC. Fourth year of the Lunar Cycle; thirteenth year of the Indiction; tenth year of the Solar Cycle. Common year. B.


A great war between O Ruairc and O Raigillig. The Muinter Angaile, Muinter Eolais, Tellach Dunchada and Clann Muirchertaig, instructed by Domnall son of Muirchertach [O Conchobair] and Tomaltach Mac Donnchada, entered Connacht.


Magnus O Ruairc, who was kept in captivity in Loch Oughter Castle, escaped from it and went to the castle of Loch Scur; but he was betrayed to the Clan Murtagh and they killed him as he stepped out of his skiff.


Brian son of Uilliam Mac Branain was killed five nights before Samain.


Peace was made between O Ruairc and O Raigillig, O Ruairc making large concessions in return for O Raigillig's parting from O Ruairc's opponents and enemies and sending them away, and Eogan O Ruairc and the son of Cathal Riabach were handed over as security for the fulfilment of the conditions.


The Clan Murtagh and Tellach Dunchada made a forcible migration into the country of the Muinter Ruairc towards Fid O Finnoice, Sliab Corrain and Cenel Luachain. O Ruairc got word of this in Glengavlin. He conveyed his trains to the upper


end of Cenel Luachain and made a fierce and victorious attack on those allied princes and routed them, and kept on slaughtering their cattle from Bel Atha Daire Dubthaig to the top of the Brefne hills.


Tomas son of Mathgamain O Raigillig entered into rest in the autumn after this.


Fergal O hEgra, king of Leyney, died.


Sean O Raigillig was made king.


Kilbarron Castle was demolished by Domnall mac Muirchertaig.


Brian Mac Aedacain, ollav-brehon of Brefne, died.


Sean Mac Aedacain the Official, the best man in his post in his time, was killed four nights before Christmas and I do not know who killed him.


Diarmait Mag Carmaic was killed.


Dubginnan O Duibginnain, ollav of the Conmaicne in History, rested.