Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1388


1388 First of January on Wednesday and the thirteenth day of the moon, MCCCLXXXVIII. Common year. ED.


Cormac Mac Donnchada, eligible prince of Tirerrill, went raiding by night in Moylurg and took great preys and conveyed them to a safe place. O Conchobair Ruad and the [other] sons of [Aed] mac Feidlim, the sons of Cathal Oc O Conchobair, Cathal and Cormac sons of Aed Mac Diarmata and many of the men of the country followed him up in an attempt to recover the prey. Cormac covered the rear of his own people and would not receive quarter from the pursuers, so that they had to kill him in the end; Conchobar Mac Donnchada, Murchad son of Cormac Mac Donnchada and Mac Diarmata Ruad were captured; and no loss of a king's son in all Ireland was more grievous than this. O Conchobair Ruad continued the pursuit past the Curlieus


to the northwards and the Clann Donnchada fled towards Collooney and the north of Tirerrill.


Muirchertach son of Domnall O Conchobair assailed the stronghold of O Domnaill at Assaroe and killed many people in it, including O Baigill's sons and O Gallchobair and his brothers. He brought away horses and captives, among whom were Mac Suibne and his son.


Seaan Ruad O Tuathail, king of the Ui Muiredaig, ridgepole of the bounty and valour of Ireland in his time, was killed in his own house by a clown. He killed the clown afterwards.


Sigraid O Cuirnin and Cairpre O Cuirnin were killed by the Leinster Galls.


O Conchobair Ruad made great raids on O Conchobair Donn, whence arose a great general war in all Connacht.


Cu Choicriche O Mailmuaid, king of the Fir Cell, rested on the twenty-fourth of February.


The beginning of a war between O Ruairc and the Clann Donnchada this year.