Corpus of Electronic Texts Edition
Annála Connacht (Author: [unknown])

Annal 1386


First of January on Monday and the twenty-first day of the moon, MCCCLXXXVI. Nineteenth year of the Lunar Cycle; ninth year of the Indiction; sixth year of the Solar Cycle. Embolismal year. G. Last year of the Hendecad.


Aine daughter of Tadc Mac Donnchada, wife of Tigernan O Ruairc king of Brefne, most excellent of the women of Leth Chuinn, died at Tuaim Senchaid on Garradice Loch and was afterwards buried at Sligo.


Cairpre son of Brian son of Murchad O Fergail, lord of Callow, died.


Niall son of Cu Choicriche Oc Mac Eochacain was killed by the Daltons on the fifth of April. This man was well qualified to be chieftain of his native land.


Magnus son of Aed son of Diarmait was killed by the same family.


O Conchobar Ruad with such of the Connachtmen as he could muster went to help Macwilliam Burke against Domnall


son of Muirchertach and the Clann Donnchada, and took great preys in Tireragh. After this they made a sudden raid into the territory of Clanrickard, where they were caught up by a vast army led by O Briain and Macwilliam of Clanrickard. O Conchobair Ruad turned upon them and routed them, killing Conchobar son of Tadc son of Conchobar O Briain and many others.